Tommy on the Run…..

Politico reports this morning that Elroy’s own Tommy Thompson, 69, is going to run for the Senate Seat in 2012 vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl.

There’s no chance Thompson would run against Ryan, so the former governor will await the Budget Chairman’s official announcement on the race before jumping in. Ryan has suggested in private conversations with GOP officials in recent days that he will take a pass on the race and focus on his chairmanship.

Appearing on CNBC on Tuesday morning, Ryan said he would be making his plans public within hours, after he informed friends and family of his decision. “What goes through my mind the most is where can I be most effective in this problem we have right now, and where can I have the biggest impact on behalf of Wisconsinites and fellow countrymen in trying to solve the fiscal and budget problems,” he said.

Could it be that a Republican insider had the guts to tell
the super ego that is Paul Ryan, that while David and Charles are very pleased with his work, destroying Medicare is not that popular?

By the way, Rob Zerban is running against Paul Ryan!


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8 thoughts on “Tommy on the Run…..

  1. Ryan may have always had his eye on the Senate, but recent events have made clear to him that he stands little chance of being re-elected to his current seat so a Senate bid now makes a lot of sense for him.

    Politics is local, as they say, And “the locals” just don’t like Ryan much anymore.

    Frankly, I really don’t care which Republican runs, What we need are less Republicans in the Senate, not more.

  2. Ryan’s out.

    Tue May 17, 2011 at 10:00 AM PDT

    WI-Sen: Paul Ryan out — Tommy Thompson in?

    by David Nir

    Paul Ryan is enjoying screwing things up for his party too much in the House to make a move to the Senate:

    House budget chair Paul Ryan told the Journal Sentinel on Tuesday morning that he will not seek the U.S. Senate seat now held by Wisconsin Democrat Herb Kohl, saying “it would make no sense to leave where I am right now because I have such a bigger impact” in the House…

  3. Ryan, delusional as ever, and only getting more so…

    Hey, Paul, what are you going to do after the people give you the boot in 2012?


  4. Ryan is like tommy thompson…strike him from public office and he will make millions as a lobbyist sucking more money off the public teat!

  5. Tommy isn’t going to run. He just likes the attention, but doesn’t have any interest in doing the job. It’s like the Brett Favre retirement watch every year.

  6. I think Ryan is not going to run because he will get a cabinet position in the 2012 White House once republicans are back in charge. As for Tommy I can’t say I am excited about him running.

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