David Prosser’s explanation…

The right wing blogosphere are besides themselves trying desperately to come up with any explanation, however implausible, as to why Republican Justice David Prosser attacked Justice Bradley. Instead of trying to promote a fantasy, I decided to get the story from Justice Prosser himself. Surprisingly he went on record for BB:

That should save our right wing friends some time and effort in trying to excuse the criminal behavior, knowing he has excuses!

By the way
Sheriff Dave Mahoney is now the person leading the criminal investigation into the attack on Justice Bradley. Mahoney is probably the best person in Wisconsin to lead this investigation.


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39 thoughts on “David Prosser’s explanation…

  1. Do you ever get tired of lying? And having the Dane County cops investigate this is about as dishonest as it can get.

    1. Can you tell why you think Sheriff Dave Mahoney is dishonest, just a bit of evidence? Or do you honestly think the power of assertion will carry the day? As to the “lying” comment, that’s satire, and if you don’t understand that perhaps you need your personality adjusted.

  2. Cops- dishonest. Government Accountability Board- dishonest. Dane County Circuit Court- dishonest.

    All these people who used to call themselves “law and order” Republicans have sure gotten somewhat paranoid schizophrenic lately.

  3. Thank you for linking to Fairly Conservative, I never would have come across that.

    I haven’t even finished the second paragraph and already am amused by blatant analytical errors.

    Fairly Conservative: “Think Progress even came out with a four-point list as to ways he could go, except they forget that in Wisconsin a recall can only happen after a year of service.

    Think Progress: “Recall: As a last resort, Prosser may be removed by a recall election using the same process that was recently invoked to attempt to recall several state senators. Under Wisconsin law, however, elected officials enjoy a one year grace period during the beginning of their term in office where they are immune from recall.

    Think Progress didn’t forget that a Wisconsin recall must wait for a year of service. Fairly Conservative forgot to do an accurate analysis.

  4. I felt the lie in your post was the accusation of the choke is true.y too many on the left already have him convicted without any evidence

    1. too many on the left already have him convicted without any evidence

      This is evidence. We can debate whether it’s valid or sufficient, but it is evidence.

  5. F Stevens, it wasn’t my post. That was Jeff Simpson.

    Once you figure that out, please start again.

  6. ‘Best person in Wisconsin to investigate this?’ You mean the same Sheriff Mahoney who endorsed Chief Justice Abrahamson in 2009 and appeared in one of her campaign ads? I’ve read she might be one of the witness to the events…

    Ever heard of the term, “Conflict of Interest?”

    You guys have that “Super Lawyer” Foley on your side, perhaps he can explain it? Or is he too busy going after law professors at schools with higher rankings than the one he graduated from?

    1. FS: I would say that the evidence is an eye witness report by the chokee who happens to be a Supreme Court Justice…..

      Kevin, welcome and unlike you I will never edit or block you, you are always welcome to post here.

      I love how the right is trying so desperately to discredit Sheriff Mahoney. I can go to any blog and see that same meme. How do I get on the mailing list for the talking points? DId one person actually write it for all or do they all have to write it themselves using the same theme? Do you get an extra bonus from the koch boys when you post on our blog also? Again your welcome here anytime, I just hope that when you do get a bonus you spend it locally.

      Can you believe Sheriff Mahoney endorsed CHIEF justice Abrahamson? http://www.wicourts.gov/about/judges/supreme/abrahamson.htm O wait as a four time ELECTED Justice millions of people have. O look Sheriff Mahoney is an ELECTED official also http://www.sheriffdavemahoney.com/ With 71% of the vote last time. Looks to me like the person who the voters put in charge is the one investigating and who should be investigating. Who would you recommend?

      Brian Schimming or Scott “the Felon” Jensen? John Gard perhaps?

      1. The fact of the matter (to state the obvious) is Abrahamson and Prosser have a horrific relationship and it’s pretty clear to anyone willing to set aside their partisan blinders that fault for the sad state of affairs of their relationship – and the dysfunction of the Court as a whole right now lies with both of them.

        Abrahamson is one of only a handful of witnesses and a major player in this whole fiasco – how can you say that an investigation be led by someone who actively campaigned for her isn’t a conflict? That doesn’t mean Mahoney should be discredited or disparaged – but he sure shouldn’t be leading this. And sorry Jeff, but approval rating or margin of victory has no place in the discussion – popularity shouldn’t ever overrule conflict of interest.

        I’d support a vote of no confidence & wipe the entire court out & start over.

        1. Every report I saw said this happened while Abrahamson was out of the room. Can you please cite the reports that show her as a witness?

        2. fault for the sad state of affairs of their relationship – and the dysfunction of the Court as a whole right now lies with both of them.

          Cite for us some sources showing Abrahamson calling a fellow Justice a dick and threatening to destroy him, and her being accused of putting her hands on the neck of a colleague, and her other documented history of anger management issues before becoming a judge…and your pox on both their houses may have a chance. Sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade.

          I’d support a vote of no confidence & wipe the entire court out & start over.

          I’d still like to see judicial elections go the way of these.

        3. locke, It is not a “popularity contest” it is being held accountable by the voters. Sheriff Mahoney is the ONLY law enforcement person who must answer to the voters.

      2. “you are always welcome to post here.”

        Not necessarily true. Kevin has proven he’s not above engaging in some gratuitous libeling, and that kind of thing isn’t welcome here.

        1. Just wanted to let him know, that unlike the right wing cheddarsphere we do not edit because of differing viewpoints. Also because he only does drive byes and never defends what he says, I am quite sure he gets paid bonus for posting things on progressive blogs!

  7. One has to wonder what liberals think is worse, Bachmann’s “John Wayne” gaffe vs. obama’s dead soldier gaffe. I am pretty sure I know this answer

    1. I wonder what conservatives think is worse, a judge putting a choke hold on a woman, or the woman actually deciding to testify about the incident? I’m pretty sure they only think one of those incidents is bad, based on their words here.

          1. Over-under on how many times he had to go back and frustratingly delete “union thug” to protect his brilliant scheme?

            I’ll go with 5.

    2. One has to wonder what Bachmann’s “John Wayne” gaffe and Obama’s gaffe have to do with this situation.

      I know it’s difficult, but try to focus and stick to the subject at hand.

  8. If I did what Prosser is alleged to have done, in a northwoods tavern, I’d probably get my ass kicked and then charged with at least disorderly conduct, maybe batttery. Just my thoughts.

  9. Quotes from those who where there:
    Source told the Journal Sentinel that Bradley attacked Prosser. “She charged him with fists raised,” the source said. Prosser “put his hands in a defensive posture,”
    the source said. “He blocked her.” In doing so, the source said, he made contact with Bradley’s neck.
    Another source said
    The justices were arguing… [and] Prosser said he”d lost all confidence in [Abrahamson’s] leadership. Bradley then came across the room “with fists up,” the source said. Prosser put up his hands to push her back. Bradley then said she had been choked, according to the source. Another justice – the source wouldn’t say who – responded, “You were not choked.”

    1. Who made those quotes, FS? Also, why are you only posting those quotes?

    2. The only people who were able to find anyone to say that Bradley “attacked” prosser were the “fine” folks at WPRI. Could there be a less reputable group?

    3. And let’s not forget that unless they’ve been changed recently, Wisconsin’s assault laws put blame on the predominant aggressor, not just the primary aggressor.

  10. Let’s see what witnesses say when questioned by police. Giving false information to a law enforcement officer conducting an investigation is a crime.

  11. Now you want Wisconsin to believe Prosser is going to get a fair shake from an investigation headed up by Sheriff David Mahoney? The same Mahoney that appeared in ads with Marianne Sumi supporting Squirrely’s re-election bid? The same Mahoney who refused to use Dane County sheriff deputies to protect the Capitol during the protests in March, stating that his deputies would not be “palace guards” for Scott Walker? Yeah right, gimme a break. Odds are Mahoney is going to gin up some BS charge, then Dane Cty’s uber-lefty DA will plod forward with yet another complete waste of taxpayer money.

    1. Odss are that Mahoney is collecting statements from eye witnesses to try to determine what happened. Like I said, let’s see what witnesses have to say to the police.

  12. I addressed that all above…i just left out the fact that Judge Sumi is a well known conservative judge who was appointed to her position by Tommy Thompson.

    Also that Sheriff Mahoney decided to follow the COURT ORDER in terms of access to the capitol and not Huebschs orders.

    1. Your snark does nothing to change the fact that Mahoney is a well-known secret Muslim socialist from Greenland.

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