Goodbye David Vitter

While you certainly defend your party’s principles (such as they are) Mr. Vitter, your frequenting prostitutes and the tawdry nature of said assignations have harmed your effectiveness in Congress.   It is good that you have stood tall, admitted to your sins, and resigned for the good of your party and your nation.  God speed with the rest of your life. 

This fantasy about personal responsibility on behalf of a Republican is brought to you by the letter “Y,” as in “Y do republicans have such problem with morality?”


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye David Vitter

  1. Sleazy politicians seems to be a bipartisian thing unfortunately. I can’t believe I actually believed Rep. Weiner at first. The Governor Schwarzenegger thing surprised me too. To think I actually really liked Senator Edwards as well.

    It’s no wonder some women don’t trust men, not that I’m saying a distrust of all men is logical either.

    1. That being said – It is an unfair double standard, but we get it, move on. Part of the difference though is that here we get to actually see images of the scandal. In Vitter’s case, we saw no transcripts from conversations, no offending images; it was very abstract – an allegation that his phone number was in the “DC Madam”‘s phone book, and so on, leading up to his admission of guilt at a press conference. So while in his case the offense involved actual sex (even actual criminal activity), it remained abstract and it was easier for the public to forget about it. Plus, Republicans went completely silent in that situation trying to defend him the entire time – where as the Democrats decided to force Weiner to take responsibility. Funny thing, huh?

      What bothers me about this whole situation is the media’s fixation on the sexting aspect, and not the unwanted sexual advances he put forth. That and the media harassing the women who had to deal with it when they preferred not to talk about it.

  2. I have no problem with men personally. I just don’t trust people who think they’re able to get away doing stupid and disgusting shit.

    To me this isn’t a case of Weiner cheating on his wife though or even lying, (although both disgust me) it’s a case of consent issues that isn’t talked about in the media whatsoever. Women should not be expected to quietly endure or tolerate sexual harassment.

    Some women may be able to ignore, laugh off or dismiss inappropriate sexual advances, and that’s fine (I don’t think I can judge how other women’s choices because that is their own personal decisions and coping), but all women shouldn’t be expected to do so. Unfortunately, conservatives see this as just a way to attack liberals and many liberals don’t want to blame Wiener at all instead blaming the women instead. It seems the news about the non-consensual portion is few and far between so a lot of people aren’t getting the sexual harassment angle of it.

    In the beginning, I was like well he was just getting his cyberfreak on, whatever. It’s his dick. Then he said it wasn’t him and I was suspicious about it when he didn’t send authorities to smack down Breitbart. Then the woman said she “didn’t get the joke” and that that crotch shot came out of nowhere – done. Good riddance. A pity we don’t have that to more scumbags on the other side though go down in the same way, since there are conservatives in congress who have done the same thing but even more skeevy but are still in there because the group doesn’t want to admit they’re wrong in any shape or form. That’s likely never going to happen.

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