On last week’s “Up Front” with Mike Gousha, the program featured two freshman State Representatives, Democrat JoCasta Zamarripa of Milwaukee and Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens of Vinland, with both sharing their perceptions of what’s been going on here in Wisconsin since they were sworn into office.

With the last question of the segment, Gousha asks both Zamarripa and Litjens if they’d recommend other women run for elected office, and in her response (which starts around 8:27 of the video), Rep. Litjens said, “The woman part, I definitely think we need more women representation…I think we bring a different set of values and a different thought process to our own caucuses.” While that certainly would have been a great answer to Gousha’s question, Litjens went on to add that she wouldn’t necessarily recommend running for office to women because of the “mother part” of things, saying, “I’m still responsible for the grocery shopping, and often when I come home from days of work in Madison the laundry is still there…”

Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens….setting women back about 50 years, one statement at a time!

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7 Responses to Michelle Litjens said what?!?

  1. gnarlytrombone says:

    And then she tweeted this moments after voting against an amendment to the gun nutter bill prohibiting firearms in abuse shelters.

  2. Jeff Simpson says:

    Michelle litjens is an all star twitterer

  3. xoff says:

    Did you perhaps mean all star twit?

  4. gnarlytrombone says:

    Here’s her interview with the Birchers. Either she’s dropping acid or I am.

  5. Jeff Simpson says:

    GT after watching that words fail me. Her lifelong dream is to make WI a “right to work” state? We need another ron johnson?

  6. […] contacted Litjens office for a comment.  Although Litjens will not be running again this fall – she has too much laundry to do – her staff is still in Madison and she is still in and out of the capital for meetings.  No […]

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