Mitt Romney to skip Iowa Republican straw polls

Yesterday the campaign of Republican presidential “frontrunner” Mitt Romney announced Romney will skip the Ames Straw Poll, precursor to the Iowa presidential caucuses and a key test of organizational strength in Iowa. Four years ago Romney made it clear the Ames Straw Poll was a key part of the Iowa caucus process, saying, “If you’re going to participate in the Iowa process, then you better get in the straw poll,” but apparently Romney circa 2011 doesn’t agree with Romney circa 2007.

No doubt the decision by Romney’s campaign to skip the Ames Straw Poll won’t sit well with Republicans in Iowa, and it’s abundantly clear that Romney is putting all his eggs in the New Hampshire primary basket, which could end up coming back to haunt Romney’s campaign, especially considering Romney is no absolute lock to win in New Hampshire.


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4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney to skip Iowa Republican straw polls

  1. …Romney is no absolute lock to win in New Hampshire.

    That’s true, but the man hasn’t an icicle’s chance in Hell of winning Iowa. There is a reason he lost Iowa to Huckabee in 2008. Specifically, Iowa Republicans love them some social conservatives. Mitt Romney doesn’t qualify. Participating in the Ames Straw Poll can only result in an embarrassing and weak performance in something that doesn’t actually count towards the nomination, and if I were running his campaign, I would probably advise him to skip it as well.

    Romney’s chances in New Hampshire are pretty good, especially considering that a certain Arizona senator who is extremely popular there isn’t running this time around.

  2. Of course this story is today. By monday he might have operations set up there and offices open.

    The one thing about Mittens is that if you disagree with him just wait a couple days!

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