9 thoughts on “Paul Ryan supports welfare recipient who pays no taxes

  1. Great post Steven, thank you. In return for money from the top 1%, Rep. Ryan allows unregulated oligopolies like Boeing to “socialize” their losses and risk onto the taxpayers.

  2. Evidently what he means by free enterprise is that it is entirely free for the corporations.

  3. Lou, Boeing is not necessarily the “wealthy,” is it? I suspect I own some stock somewhere in some mutual fund. I suppose an argument could be made that this benefits the executives of corporations, and since ratios of executive pay to worker pay have increased hugely int he last 40 years it can now be assumed that benefits to a corp go to wealthy execs and wealthy major stockholders.

    1. Giveaways to corporations is clearly what he means by “free market.” The rest of us don’t find that so “free.”

  4. It won’t be long before Dick Gephardt and Dave Obey will be joining Paul Ryan in arguing Boeings case. Boeing is one of Gephardts biggest clients, along with Goldman Sachs, United Health Group, General Electric and Visa.


    There hasn’t been a goddamned word out of the Obey camp since this story first broke over two weeks ago. Obey saw fit to publicly explain his decision to pay large staff bonuses before he left office.


    He should also write a letter about his decision to go to work for Gephardt. He owes it to the people who elected him to Congress for over 40 years.

  5. deficit reduction.

    What. A. Crock.

    Also, too, even the bond vigilantes, whose delicate sensibilities are ostensibly the driving force behind the incessant austerity drumbeat coming from all the Serious People who rule us, are trrying to tell us to stop being so stupid and consider that maybe 9% unemployment is the real problem we should be dealing with.

  6. Where are the national pundits and Reince priebus who demanded that Weiner resign? When Paul ryan says that we have the 2nd highest tax rate in the world he is clearly and blatantly LYING. Whenhe says Boeing paid lots of taxes, he is blatantly lying. SO why can he lie about that and weiner must be a truth telling machine?

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