can’t a guy just have a $1000 a plate fundraiser, in a state that is not his, to try and fill his campaign coffers because he will be facing a recall for taking workers rights away and destroying the middle class of his state, in peace?

Video from Scott Walkers “fundraiser” in New York yesterday(does Walker know he is Governor of WI?):


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6 thoughts on “Seriously…

  1. When Walker says he should have done things differently, he means he heard the news that last week, NY Gov. Cuomo obtained a substantial budget-savings by bargaining with NY state public unions.

    Walker resorted to dirty tricks because he is anti-labor. Cuomo, a long-time supporter of labor, understands collective bargaining is a right. Walker thinks it is nothing more than an expensive entitlement.

  2. Gov. Walker resorted to dirty tricks because he is either unable to negotiate by nature or is afraid of negotiating…

    1. Thank you, Ed. Your correction is duly noted.

      Walker has a history of using dirty tricks instead of negotiations.

      Walker is anti-labor.

      Walker used dirty tricks instead of negotiations against labor.

      I hypothesize he will use dirty tricks against all x for which he is anti-x.

  3. I think you guys give him too much credit. I think he did not care about getting reforms from unions, I think he wanted to bust the unions to give him more street cred with the national party. I dont think it had anything to do with WIsconsin only the career of Scott Walker.

  4. So you’re admitting that the middle class can only exist through artificial government intervention and subsidy through the form of forcing people by law to give money to a corporation(union) which is what a union is? Ahh that is the sound of dying unions in this country and dying progressive(liberal)policies. I can’t get enough of it. In fact conservatives should steal that nice name you guys try to give your crappy policies and ideas, Progressive. ohh does that sound good. Because you can’t say they’re liberal only 14% of the population would then agree with them.

  5. Why is it that I only hear you guys complain about $1000 plate dinners and filling campaign coffers when it’s not one of your own doing it? Hey Jeff, are you going to start griping about the out of state union money flowing in for the recalls?

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