Stupid Republican Candidate Tricks

Monday should be a day for levity and frivolity.  I don’t write much over the weekend, mostly because I tend to the needs of my two and a half year old.  (Did you know a toddler NEVER tires of visiting the Harley Davidson Museum?)  Anyway, Monday should be all about a good laugh, so I’d like to institute a “BloggingBlue” tradition, assuming I can remember the tradition next week in order to, well, begin making it traditional. . .

Let’s start over.  This is an opinion poll easily as important as the first week of Survivor, or any other random reality show you can name.  Yeah, we’re here to judge which antics by the Republican Presidential candidates are most outrageous.  (No fair waiting until the show airs tonight. . . )  Today’s candidates are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.  (Drum rolls are welcome.)

Stupid Republican Candidate Trick #1:

Why Newt?  After it was revealed that he ran up a huge tab a Tiffanys (It is tough pleasing wife #3, evidently), Newt got tired of it all and took his young bride Callista on a cruise to the Greek Isles on Seabourn, a VERY expensive cruise line.  (My in-laws once cruised on Seabourn and raved about the buckets of caviar that suddenly appear several times a day, notwithstanding the fact that they don’t like caviar.)   Now there’s NOTHING WRONG with “indulging the Callista,” unless you want to become President and said indulgitude gets in the way of actual campaigning.  In this case, Newt’s campaign staff quit.  Still, Newt might have met with wife #4 on board the ship. . . check her out to the right there.  Twiggy was on the same ship.   (Disclaimor:  I am claiming rights to the phrase “indulging the Callista,” hoping it rises in internet fame like a “Santorum.”)

Speaking of santorum. . . Instead of Newt’s stupid antics, you could vote for Rick Santorum and his stupid candidate tricks.  Rather than never mentioning the unfortunate translation of his last name, Rick Santorum whined about Google being biased, or some such nonsense, therefore helping cement the santorum in the minds of his likely voters, evangelical Christians who likely wouldn’t be all that fond of santorum.  Maybe Santorum wants his supporters to get mad at “teh gays” for spreading all that santorum, but then what does he do?  Rick Santorum admits he has friends who are GAY!!  In a video no less!   Next week?  Tim Pawlenty admits to knowing black people. 

This one’s your call, folks.  Which was the Stupidest Republican Candidate Trick this last week?


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4 thoughts on “Stupid Republican Candidate Tricks

  1. Has there ever been a more spectacular failure of a presidential campaign than Gingrich’s campaign this year?

  2. Has any incumbant ever lost his senate seat so spectacularly as Rick Santorum, despite the cache of being an internet legend?

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