Will Republicans rush redistricting into state budget?

I’ve heard from multiple sources that Republicans in the legislature plan on including their redistricting plan as a part of the Extraordinary Session they have planned for tomorrow.

While perfectly within their rights as the majority party, the move by Republicans in the legislature to call an Extraordinary Session to pass the biennial state budget is certainly not common, and in addition to the reports I’m getting about Republicans pushing through redistricting during tomorrow’s Extraordinary Session, it appears Republicans will also amend the state budget to include their repeal of many of the collective bargaining rights for public employees, a repeal that has been stuck in legal limbo since its passage was challenged in court due to Republicans passing it in violation of state open meetings laws.

Rushing redistricting into the biennial state budget makes sense for Republicans, given the strong chance they could lose control of the State Senate, where Democrats need to gain just three seats in order to retake the majority in that body.


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2 thoughts on “Will Republicans rush redistricting into state budget?

  1. Oh God, I hope so.

    The earlier we see the maps, the earlier we’ll be able to organize there for the future.

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