You Little Devil You….

H/T TMJ4.: Some kids in Milwaukee, for an art project, depicted Governor Walker as Beelzebub!

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Public Schools District says that student artwork depicting images of Govenor Scott Walker as the devil was “against district policy” and that they would take appropriate actions

Students at Lancaster Elementary School created the pictures.

The following is the entirety of the MPS statement:

“A preliminary investigation indicates the questionable pieces were a small portion of a larger class assignment. The teacher wanted students to create persuasive or argumentative advertising illustrations.

“The political content of the four pieces in question should have disqualified them from being displayed. It is against District policy to display any political material or conduct political activism in schools.

“We are sorry this happened. The inappropriate pieces were taken down as soon as they came to our attention. We wish someone had alerted us sooner. The on-going district investigation involves a personnel matter. The appropriate actions will be taken.”

It is very important that we STOP this immediately. We must teach conformity early and often. Dissent will NOT be tolerated. George Orwell would be so proud!


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10 thoughts on “You Little Devil You….

  1. Walker’s minions are apparently trying to gin up this kind of story on TV news. Last night Ted Perry of channel 6 denounced protesters for allegedly spoiling a Special Olympics ceremony with Walker.

  2. Gin up a story? Did you SEE the video? No, the Republicans don’t need to “gin” up anything…the protestersare doing a fine job all by themselves.

  3. The art issue should have been a non-starter…the special Olympics was stupid…protest Walker all you want in the Capitol, at Republican meetings, press conferences, or his PR appearances, but some things should be left alone. I didn’t want to watch the videos, the still photos were enough…

  4. btw notalib…at that age it’s more likely a reflection of their parents beliefs than anything they heard in school. Besides, the art teachers are all getting fired because of shared revenue cuts next year, so who cares?

  5. Sorry Ed but many parents will tell you it is a daily battle to undo the damage that is caused by the public school system to the children in this state. I can’t tell you the number of times i had to deal with bad teachers, ignorant administrators and the local school board over their tactics. I was on my kids PTO for a number of years and the battle with the teachers and the spending they wanted was endless. Of course I was in the minority and usually loss but it was never easy for them.

  6. I believe all they did was dress up as Zombies and show up at Special Olympics. I have absolutely no problem with tht whatsoever. They did not disrupt, yell or anything just stood there.

    Zombies forever.

  7. One of the mental midgets had a sign that read “walker don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining: a real adult thing to do around children, but then again we are talking about progressives so acting like adults is a stretch for many of them.

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