But I thought Scott Walker was creating jobs in Wisconsin!

Apparently Diversey Inc. didn’t get the message that Wisconsin is open for business under Gov. Scott Walker:

Diversey Inc. has informed the state it will lay off about 57 employees when it shuts down its Sturtevant plant in mid-September.


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19 thoughts on “But I thought Scott Walker was creating jobs in Wisconsin!

    1. But wouldn’t Scott Walker be responsible for job creation here in Wisconsin? After all, he said Wisconsin would be “Open for Business” now that Republicans are in charge!

      1. No, Zach, in the right-wing echo chamber, it’s ALWAYS President Obama’s fault.

        Just ask forgotmyscreenname. He’ll set ya straight.

        1. This was said mostly in jest to a previous post where Zach blamed Gov. Walker for loud music in bars. However, I do remember the days where, in the left-wing echo chamber, it was ALWAYS President Bush’s fault (many of you still fall back on this 3 years into the Obama term).

          If losing jobs was President Bush’s fault 3 years ago, how are jobs lost now not President Obama’s fault?

          1. > Implying a left-wing echo chamber exists.

            It … really kind of doesn’t exist. Unless you think it’s Dailykos or something but even then there are people who fact check and tell people not to recommend something if it’s false.

            The left is too poor to have it’s own bubble of reality. đŸ˜›

            1. You might be too deep in the echo chamber to realize there is one. NBC, ABC, Newsweek, New York Times… don’t hear as much about the daily body count in Afghanistan (which exploded under Obama) or the horrible economy (all those down on your luck stories). Interesting muted. That’s just one example. They often fall over themselves reporting the same type of story or talking point too.

              If you accuse there of being a right wing echo chamber and believe there isn’t an equivalent on the left, you are just kidding yourself.

          2. FMSN: “This was said mostly in jest to a previous post where Zach blamed Gov. Walker for loud music in bars.”

            Me: A joke is only a joke if the people “hearing” it get it. Your sense of humor is either WAY to subtle or you’re full of it for attempting to suggest that you were JUST saying something “in jest”.

            Based upon my sense of how rigid your ideology is, I suspect the latter is the case.

            FMSN: “However, I do remember the days where, in the left-wing echo chamber, it was ALWAYS President Bush’s fault (many of you still fall back on this 3 years into the Obama term).”

            Me: Assuming that there is such a thing as a “left-wing echo chamber”, if, as you say, “. . .it was ALWAYS President Bush’s fault”, there is plenty of evidence that such “conventional” wisdom “there” was correct. While you’re saying this is an interesting rhetorical ploy, it doesn’t change the fact that Bush’s Presidency was an unmitigated disaster.

            Republican insiders are presently questioning the efficacy of a Rick Perry candidacy based upon nothing more than the sense that America is just not ready for “another Texan.” Any idea who the “first Texan” was, FMSN, and why they’re saying that? (That’s a rhetorical question, FMSN. No need to actually answer it, a’ite?)

            FMSN: “If losing jobs was President Bush’s fault 3 years ago, how are jobs lost now not President Obama’s fault?”

            Me: “3 years ago”, President Bush had been in office for over 7 years, FMSN. He was also presiding over the worst financial crisis this country has experienced since the Great Depression, one brought on by his/Republican policies, from which the economy and jobs situation in America have yet to recover.

            So, much as you’d like me to just go along with the untenable premise of YOUR rhetorical question, the facts dictate that I do otherwise.

            Apples and oranges, dear FMSN, apples and oranges. And, for the record, the fungi/disease afflicting President Bush’s “apples” have continued to infect President Obama’s “oranges”.

            Moreover, FMSN, when you have Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives doing everything in the power to tie the President’s hands as he attempts to fix things, it’s far tougher to get things done.

            President Bush screwed the pooch in any number of different ways. The “hole” that he left was deep and wide. Stop blaming President Obama for that.

            1. So it’s an entirely appropriate to blame Bush or Walker for everything, but when I make an equivalent of Obama it’s way off base? Ridiculous.

              President Obama’s presidency is an unmitigated disaster in my view, just as Bush’s was in your view. Unemployment has actually risen under Obama and he has put us into the biggest debt ever.

              You complain about Republicans tying the hands of the President so that he can’t get things done. First, that’s nothing new, so get used to it. Bush had Dems fighting him. Second, I assume you mean his “attempts to fix things” are spending more money? No thanks, I hope they tie his hands on his plans to “fix” things.

    1. Please remember that the name is Boehner, and that it rhymed with “loner” up until the day he joined the Republican leadership in Congress. Thank you. that is all!

  1. Can’t they get a tax break or something?
    Would it help to make public employees shoulder some of the cost somewhere?
    Or, as a last resort, can they blame it on the employees they’re firing?

  2. Well you know, if Diversy does healthcare junk and whatever it does to reduce the incidence of E.coli (click the link above), and they lay off workers, then E. coli rates go up which creates more demand for emergency room people and more drugs are needed and more long-term care as people go back for over-priced Dr. office visits during their recovery from near-death E coli experiences. Then yeah he’s creating jobs. Add in the upswing in coffin sales and morticians services, pastors, floral sales, hospital gifts, funeral singers, funeral guest book sales, black clothing sales, satin pillow for corpses sales, child care providers for when Mom and Dad are stretched out in the hospital, temp employment agencies to provide people to fill-in for absent e-coli-ed up workers, extra phone charges for all the folks calling around to tell people Billy Bob is dead… you get the idea.

    Go Scott Walker.

    1. “then E. coli rates go up”

      That’s extrapolating a bit much. Diversey, the corporation, is not going out of business. Wisconsin will still be able to obtain E. coli healthcare junk.

  3. Wow you guys talking like children about boners like that means anything. Someones name is prnounced however they want it to be. Its a name. How do you pronounce Steven Colbert? let me guess you don’t pronounce the T. That’s the way he picked it to be.
    We can’t blame Obama but we can blame Scott Walker for 57 jobs being destroyed? Zuma it’s always President Obama’s fault? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Yeah keep blaming Walker for everything.
    Yes Zach Wisconsin is open for business. Maybe if you searched the internet like you try to search for stories everyday pointing out republicans difficulties you would have a change of opinion about your political beliefs.

    Budget Balanced!

    1. Strike a nerve, did I, Pete?

      I was actually just having some fun with forgotmycreenname, but your defensiveness is duly noted.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. Pete, nothing’s going to change my political beliefs, because it would be hard to change my belief in social justice, equality, giving those who need it a hand up, etc.

      Oh and by the way, does it bother you that Scott Walker broke his promise not to raise taxes and fees in order to balance the budget?

  4. Forgot, i do blame president obama. Everytime he buckles to boehner, ryan, etc… Who have no interest whatsoever in reviving the economy it is his fault. As maher says, it would be ashame if a democratic president was voted out before he tried any demcratic policies.

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