Fiscal Conservatives Part 2

Since we have our ongoing Republican thug series, we will also have a continuing series of fiscal conservatives!

1. Last Friday afternoon(surprise) the republicans introduced their radical redistricting plan. While it is definitely a power grab and more of a wish list than a serious redistricting map(you can read more about it here, or here, or here! While this story of Republicans disregard for democracy is just getting started, the map released on Friday as already cost the taxpayers $300,000 and counting.

2. Tomorrow starts recall season, and the republican party has decided to run fake democrats in all races, forcing primaries to give the temporary republican majority more of a chance to run redistricting through with minimal discussion. The costs to the taxpayers of Wisconsin will be up to $500,000.

For those of you scoring at home, the Wisconsin “fiscal conservative” power grab is $800,000 right now and counting!

I would think it would be cheaper to just run a race on the issues.

PS: great story here on the recall elections and some more information on the \"fake\" candidates.


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9 thoughts on “Fiscal Conservatives Part 2

    1. W, do you ever notice how you love to pivot off of the subject at hand to some other topic, or, in this case, jurisdiction, more to your liking?

      For purposes of this blog post, try to remember that you’re in Wisconsin, huh?

      1. Zuma, have you noticed that when you are completely flummoxed by one of my comments, you try to point out that I am somehow not playing by some unwritten rules? Do I need to go through this blog and find the instances of you and others doing just what you claim I do?

        1. Hardly flummoxed, Wingnut, but thanks for the completely speculative hyperbole. Entertaining as always.

          That said, W, logic and staying on topic are hardly “unwritten rules”.

          And, last but not least, the answer to your last question is, “Yes.”

    2. I think redistricting is a pile of bullshit and should be held locally so people can all have a say in it who are interested in it as citizens.

      So please stop diverting the topic and trying to say the “Democrats in Illinois are doing it too!” – it gets old.

      A huge reason I voted for Tom Barrett in the first place was because he said he was going to get partisan politics out of redistricting , the DNR, and about everything else it doesn’t belong.

  1. “If” the redistricting is wrong? I would like to see it where no seat is “safe” and its wrong whoever does it. Youwont see democrats get a pass very often on this blog. The difference is the republicans keep saying we are broke.

    As for redistricting, I would like to see every state come up with a redistricting committee of 5 people then they all get randomly handed a state and set the districts in that state. You cant do your own. The group from WI could then draw say Utah and redrict their state and say New Mexico drew WIsconsin and they would then redistrict us. The committee should be as anonymous as possible until after the process is finished then release all notes. All they would need would be state population and demographics. Keep politics completely out of it.

    1. Jeff, this could be a workable idea. But demographics would have to be left out. The members of each committee of 5 would have partisan views that they would not be able to suppress. Knowing the race, ethnicity, religion, age, etc. makeup of each district would allow committee members what they need to draw lines favorable to their own political parties.

      1. True W and had never thought that you could make a case for looking at demographics and figuring out how a district would vote….kind of sad actually.

        I am open to tweaks on my idea….

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