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From my email inbox comes this neat idea….too bad I don’t live in the 1st Congressional district:

Earlier this year, people in the First Congressional District tried to tell Paul Ryan about how he should protect the middle-class – not the billionaire hedge fund managers with whom he slurps down $350 bottles of wine.

The good news is that Rob Zerban is listening to people in the District, and wants to hear even more.

You can help, and also “Have a Beer With Rob.”  Forward this e-mail to 7 friends and have them RSVP to join Rob for a beer.

Beginning Aug. 18th in Kenosha, Rob is going to host a series of listening sessions around the First Congressional District, hoping to hear from the very people that Paul Ryan has forgotten during all his time in Washington.

Where Paul Ryan is listening to Big Oil, Wall Street, health insurance and pharmaceutical special interests and their lobbyists, Rob Zerban wants to hear from AVERAGE WISCONSINITES, many of whom are suffering the results of the reckless and greedy Ryan policies that got our economy here in the first place.

Paul Ryan recently spent $700 on two bottles of wine. We’re asking you to forward this e-mail to 7 people you think might be willing to “Have a Beer with Rob” and have them fill out this form.

Rob Zerban is committed to listening to the people of Wisconsin. For too long, folks have gone unheard in southeast Wisconsin. Rob hears you.


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2 thoughts on “Have a beer with Rob

  1. .too bad I don’t live in the 1st Congressional district

    You could always hop on the KR……oh, wait….sad face.

    1. I’m still convinced the KRM would have been a boon for the South Shore communities like South Milwaukee and Cudahy. Both those communities could use some revitalization of their downtowns, and coincidentally the KRM would have stopped at the stations in each city, stations which happen to be downtown in each city.

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