Have You Forgotten…..

Matt Gorniak a firefighter who opted to just use the union for \"fair share\", decided enter a “9/11 tribute” float in the Racine Independence Day Parade. Nothing honors them more than a float in a parade, but the Firefighters Union decided not to put any resources into this float. Firefighters Local 321 decided to use their money for charity that actually help people instead of a PR stunt for a right wing firefighter to get a pat on the back from the right wing talk radio hate triumvirate in the state. This sparked massive fake outrage on the right, and even brought Vicky Pyzinski to Racine(see what you made her do).

I actually think that the Firefighters Local 312, made a mistake and should have fully embraced this float. What better way to show the difference between the two parties – The Republicans who are trying to take the firefighters collective bargaining rights away and make their workplaces less safe and the democrats who are not.

The fake outrage even got the “tea party” involved and since history is not their strong suit lets review. On 9/11, 343 firefighter died in the attacks on the twin towers. Due in large part to the incredible incompetence of Rudy \"9-11\" Guiliani. Who not only did not update the radio system that the firefighters desperatly needed, but also stopped the firefighters from recovering their fallen comrades. He then went on to perpetually lie about his role in this while cashing in on the deaths of 3000 Americans every chance he had( even being mocked by the other candidates). Let’s not forget that Charlie Sykes backed Rudy Guiliani.

I also think that the righty blabbers and the tea party seem to have forgotten who killed Osama Bin Laden. So in reality Mr. Gorniak truly put forth a float in the Racine Parade that showed the stark difference between the two parties, one of incompetence and one that has actually supported working Americans and national security.

Thank you Mr. Gorniak and the “tea party” for the reminder.


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13 thoughts on “Have You Forgotten…..

    1. SEAL Team Six, under the orders of the Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, who finished the job a Republican president started but couldn’t finish.

  1. The Racine parade features several “tableaux” floats, and the 9/11 float was supposed to be one, but it failed aesthetically. The other floats, such as the Iwo Jima or the Vietnam nurses float, show grown men and women reinacting scenes from history, frozen as if they were statues and painted bronze to emphasize that point. The 9/11 float used kids, and as such was unconvincing compared to the others. The local paper may have concluded that the float was a success, but the people around where I was sitting stood to honor the fallen, but nothing else. I heard muttering that the float was a pisspoor attempt, as it surely was.

  2. We seem to have forgotten as a nation to pay for the wars. We have paid in the blood of the few, but there have been tax cuts for the many during war. I say, we should repeal ALL of the Bush tax cuts. This would be fair, necessary, and the right thing to do.

  3. Linda, we cant because the republicans talked President Obama into extending the Bush tax cuts as the cure all of the economy in January and look how well that worked….o wait!

    Steven that float was an attempt for the right wing to try and get the public on their side and pretend that they support the firefighters of WIsconsin, it has absolutely nothing to do with honoring the fallen on 9/11.

  4. Jeff, I just want to gently chide you on your thought comment that firefighters “made a mistake and should have fully embraced this float” rather than use the float money for a charitable cause. Doesn’t this suggestion ask the firefighter’s union go along with the conservative need to honor symbols instead of action? What’s an hour of rolling tableau vivants depicting heroic moments in history compared to a week’s worth of wholesome groceries or September school supplies for a family with children or this month’s mortgage payment or gas to get to work?

    Hard times are here and still coming for many Americans and we as a society better be ready to help our fellow citizens because the republicans are aiming to eliminate the New Deal/Great Society social contract. We have allowed patriotic play acting and chest pounding to camouflage the sorry disintegration of American values too long. It is fuzzy thinking to think that rabid republicans would appreciate or notice that the union played with them nicely and helped them pay for a float. The float (poorly conceived and designed apparently too) is their agenda- I want us on our agenda.

    1. Palli,

      It was said a little tongue in cheek. I was trying to point out that before during and after 9/11 the republicans dropped ball after ball after ball and are now trying to rewrite history as the heroes of it. When the facts say otherwise.

  5. Being originally from Racine, with still much family down there, I spent a lot of time down there this weekend. All I can say about this latest faux outrage: much ado about nothing. In 3 days, the subject came up once, and it consisted of a cousin who’s a firefighter (not a liberal by any stretch, and not a lover of being in a union, either), telling a dittohead family member to calm the hell down because it was all blown way out of proportion by certain media outlets, and barely even registered as a discussion item within his department.

    Not to mention the JS having to report, hat in hand after the parade, that almost nobody at the parade seemed to care (about the “controversy”).

    1. My neighbor is a fireman and also says it is a non-issue. Alas, the newspaper, as right wing as ever I have seen, says otherwise.

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