Help Sandy Pasch beat Alberta Darling

From my email inbox comes word of an effort by the folks at Grassroots Northshore to help get out the vote for Democratic State Rep. Sandy Pasch, who’s running to unseat incumbent State Senator Alberta Darling (R-mansion) in the recall election against Darling.

Here are the details of the get out the vote effort:

Get out the Vote

The Future of Wisconsin Comes Down to You

The polls are showing Sandy close or one point ahead of Alberta Darling.

But polls don’t win elections, voters do and it will be your job to make sure our Pasch supporters make it to their poling places.

That means you must look at your calendars and clear time on August 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th.

Then click here to let the campaign know you can help in this great cause.

Every indication is that we have the energy and the momentum to send Sandy to the Senate and put Wisconsin back into the 21st century.

In the meantime, you can vote early at your village or city hall.


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13 thoughts on “Help Sandy Pasch beat Alberta Darling

  1. “(R-mansion)” playing the wealth card? You do realize Pasch lives in a million dollar home on one of the most expensive streets in white folks bay.

    1. Hmm. Here are financial disclosure forms for Pasch, Darling.

      I count Darling with 206 investments of $5K to $50K and 7 of more than $50K.

      Pasch has 16 investments of $5K to $50K and 9 of more than $50K

      1. Both live in manions, so it is hypocrital of the poster to mention Darling lives in a big house and Pasch doesn’t. But, I never expect fair and balanced, just cheap jabs.

        1. Well, Ms. Darling appears to be a different class of rich altogether. And she just happens to be the only one of the pair engaging in all out war on the poor.

        2. Why would you expect fair and balanced from a progressive political blog?

          Do you expect fair and balanced from a right-wing blog?

          If you want fair and balanced, try Fox News!

    2. “(R-mansion)” playing the wealth card?

      Republicans have been disproportionately “playing the wealth card” on us for far too long. So don’t cry class warfare.

  2. Gee…could you keep on topic here? I know you don’t like Darling, and class warfare…blah. blah. blah.

    The point of my post is that the original post put (R-mansion) behind Darling’s name, so the same should be done for Pasch (D-mansion). They both live in very nice houses, much better than the average Wisconsin resident.

    It was a cheap shot, and did nothing to help the case. But then again, and I repeat myself, you have nothing but cheap shots to go on.

    1. Class warfare…blah blah blah is the topic. Alberta Darling is a manorial lord, telling the peasants to eat cake while sitting on millions of dollars in stocks and bonds; Sandy Pasch is not.

    2. What GT said. Try to hold 2 thoughts in your head at the same time and connecting the dots, It’s a liberating feeling.

  3. Dismantling worker’s rights, defunding public education, giving massive tax breaks to their corporate masters, disenfranchising voters, pushing through the most hyper-partisan redistricting plan our state has ever seen, pitting working people against one another, and making draconian cuts to BadgerCare, FoodShare, and every other program that helps those in need… that’s OK.

    But putting “R-mansion” after her name… THAT is uncalled for.

    1. Dave, thanks for your comment; you summed up almost exactly what I wanted to say. Sandy Pasch may live in a mansion, but at least she’s tried to fight for average working stiffs like me while Alberta Darling has busied herself playing golf at the country club and voting to strip collective bargaining rights from teachers and corrections officers.

    2. But putting “R-mansion” after her name… THAT is uncalled for.

      Yeah, they’re a delicate bunch, Dave. Especially when they have no substance to go on! 😉

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