How big will Dave Hansen’s margin of victory be tonight?

Just a quick before before voting closes in the 30th State Senate district:

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I’m of the belief that Sen. Dave Hansen will win by more than 30 points, but I’d love to hear what you think!


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8 thoughts on “How big will Dave Hansen’s margin of victory be tonight?

  1. How dare you jinx this before the polls close! You know anything can happen once those curtains are drawn and….I got Hansen at -28.5 and laid down $20 on it. šŸ˜›

  2. This whole business turned into a top shelf debacle for the GOP.

    Hansen was supposed to the most vulnerable democratic state senator, then Jon Nygren can’t find enough signatures to get on the ballot, then Vanderleest makes Christine O’Donnell look mainstream, then Hansen mops the floor up with Vanderleest.

    That’s gotta smart.

  3. I think what gets me is the numbers in the other districts. Wirch is going to win regardless, that’s a solidly blue district because it was the very same area that went Blue even against Scott Walker in the Governor’s Race. It went blue for Kloppenburg. That district is out of the GOP’s reach no matter how you spin it – at least in this climate at the moment.

    Holperin is at risk though, regardless. That is going to be close.

    It was obvious that Hansen was going to win, I just didn’t expect him to win this much.

  4. the 30% of people in that district who voted Vanderleest should be ashamed of themselves. I hope to never hear vanderleests name again, unless it is a story on him being released from the hospital after he got the mental health help he desperately needs!

    1. Those people are pretty much the ones who probably don’t even pay attention to politics at all and vote the same side every year. They exist on the Democrats side too.Those are the type of people who would vote a rock into office or even a nonexistent person because of the (R) or (D) behind their name.

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