18 thoughts on “In which Kevin Binversie gets owned by a commenter

    1. As I noted in my edit.

      However, I’d love to hear you comment on how you got utterly owned by the commenter to your “article.”

      What, no witty retort on how completely you got savaged?

    2. Oh, and by the way, if you’re having trouble figuring out WordPress and how to update your header image, let me know; I’ll be glad to help you out since you seem so clueless.

  1. No, I expected something like that when I was given the column idea from my assignment desk. When you go finger-pointing in the 501(c)3 world, expect to get some pointed back at you.

    My publisher thanks you for driving traffic to the column. Same wishes to Foley as well.

    As for the look of the blog, I’m letting Hackbarth help me out there. We’re looking for a new image and figure we’ll change it all at once. So until then, the old image staying put until I find something I like.

      1. Yes, his republican assignment desk at the Republican Wisconsin Reporter, which is just another partisan spin machine like the Maciver institute. Funded by rigtht wing social engineers for right wing social engineers.

    1. You got owned, and the commenter on your blog revealed you as an amatuer who is far, far from hitting the standards of an impartial journalist. But, hey, blaming that on the editor is pretty much par for the course. Personal responsibility is certainly a quality nobody looks for in a partisan Republican.

    2. Boy, how hard can it be to fix the look of a blog? It’s been almost a month, and you’re still rocking the same “funky” header image.

      If you and Hackbarth are having a hard time figuring things out, let me know and I’d be happy to fix it for you, since I’m clearly a little more savvy than you with these things.

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