Is David VanderLeest’s state senate campaign really just some sort of sick joke?

Once again the fine folks at PolitiScoop have gotten a scoop on Republican State Senate candidate David VanderLeest, this time thanks to an anonymous tipster who provided PolitiScoop with copies of the reports relating to the child abuse allegations against VanderLeest out of Oconto County.

According to those reports, VanderLeest is alleged to have engaged in physically abusive behavior towards his own child, and you can read those reports HERE and HERE.

The more I learn about David VanderLeest – and I’ve already learned more than I care to know – I’m convinced he’s completely and utterly unfit to serve in any elected office. While I don’t expect elected officials to be perfect (after all, we’re all imperfect in some way), I do expect elected officials to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the office the hold and the responsibility they bear.


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15 thoughts on “Is David VanderLeest’s state senate campaign really just some sort of sick joke?

    1. I’m of the belief that you’re right, because that’s really the only explanation that makes any sense for his responses to the information that has come out about his personal failings.

  1. I’d like to take a baseball bat to this pig. What a coward. Beats up on women and kids. Perfect representation of the Rethuglian Party.

    1. He might be a pig, I personally don’t know other than seeing his court records — but I don’t approve of violence towards him.

      1. Nor do I. I’ve always believed two wrongs don’t make a right, and I don’t advocate violence in any way, shape or form.

  2. I know David VanderLeest personally, he is a great man. His family voted against police raises above standard of living for 30. He is outspoken, and never given justice by the police who only care about their check book. He is a good man, and went through hell trying to help his ex wife who has a history or crying wolf. I know his son too, mom threatened to throw his easter basket away for not lying about Dad. How sick is that. Jan you need a bat to the head, or a brain transplant. I will pray for you. Your the pig, you speak before knowing the facts. Bet you have to pay a portion or your Ins and pension, and it pisses you off.

    1. I get the feeling “great” doesn’t mean what you think it does. Nor “man”, because a dude who beats on women and children is many things, but a man ain’t one of ’em.

    2. Kim, ever heard the saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? That would certainly apply to you.

      Given your own history, I’m going to go ahead and be skeptical of your defense of David VanderLeest, especially when it comes to his treatment of his son.

      1. Oh that’s right! This is the Kim of the long, long criminal record including battery and child neglect or something, isn’t it? Explains alot.

        Ah Republicans: the party of the Moral Majority, family values, and personal responsibility.

    3. Kim, we don’t appreciate threats around here. Saying someone needs a “bat to the head” is the kind of crude and ugly threat we will not tolerate. As a so-called friend of David VanderLeest, such threats do him no good at all, but instead shows that those who defend him are just as prone to violence and abuse as he is.

      Please stop with the threats.

    4. @ Kim

      “Jan [sic] you need a bat to the head, or a brain transplant. I will pray for you. Your [sic] the pig, [sic] you [sic] speak before knowing the facts.”

      Nice prayer, Kim.

      You might want to “fine tune” it a little bit, though. Not sure God would approve of it in its present form.

  3. Grabbing someone by the hair and throwing them around the room is a funny way to “try” and help someone(unless your a newly elected Supreme Court justice of course).

  4. Gotta love the people who say they’ll pray for me and follow that up with a hope that someone takes a bat to my head.

    Yet another reason I gave up on religion and rethugs. God, guns, and greed.

  5. And David VanderLEAST is still a pig. Maybe he shouldn’t get a bat to the head. Maybe just someone bigger and stronger than he could beat the holy livin’ crap out of him. Like he picks on people smaller and weaker than himself.

    Not that I’m advocating it or anything…

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