Is Kim Simac the worst candidate since Tom Reynolds?

I meant to get to this entry sooner, but better late than never I suppose.

On July 19, JB over at The Chief, one of my favorite blogs on the left side of the Cheddarsphere, opined that Republican State Senate candidate Kim Simac may be the worst State Senate candidate since fellow Republican Tom Reynolds.

For some context, here’s Tom Reynolds in all his glory:

Pretty crazy if you ask me, but JB thinks Kim Simac has Tom Reynolds beat:

Simac is just about the worst possible candidate imaginable and is the personification of just how unseriously the GOP have taken these recalls. Anyone who thought Dave VanderLeest got it rough these last few weeks are in for a wonderful surprise. Simac is a raving lunatic and is completely oblivious to her position on the fringe of American life. This should be a pick-up district for the GOP — instead they’re watching it pass by like a slow floater through the strike zone. Well played … if you want to hear wife-swapping jokes for the next 4 weeks.


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6 thoughts on “Is Kim Simac the worst candidate since Tom Reynolds?

  1. If I remember member my Tom Reynolds (and I think I do, because he lives pretty close to my relatives), he was so bad at his job that the Republicans actively tried to get another Republican to run against him.

  2. I’d rather not be reminded about Tom Reynolds who carried the moniker (R-West Allis). By doing so, he embarassed the entire city. We finally got redemption when TR lost his election. He even lost in his own precinct, which proves the old adage “his neighbors know him.”

  3. The onlyone, so far, that’s nuttier than her is Bachmann. Where do they dig up these morons and religious nuts

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