Its good to be KING!

Wall Street’s favorite congressman Paul Ryan (R-Koch Brothers), was recently seen at Washington DC’s Bistro Bis drinking $350 bottles of Pinot Noir. where a professor from Rutgers University snapped this cell phone pic:

The first bottle was so good, they even had a second!

Feinberg, an economist by training, was even more appalled when the table ordered a second bottle. She quickly did the math and figured out that the $700 in wine the trio consumed over the course of 90 minutes amounted to more than the entire weekly income of a couple making minimum wage.

“We were just stunned,” said Feinberg, who e-mailed TPM about her encounter later the same evening. “I was an economist so I started doing the envelope calculations and quickly figured out that those two bottles of wine was more than two-income working family making minimum wage earned in a week.”

Since America’s Accountant Paul Ryan is a celebrity and all over the news, Professor Feinberg decided to speak up for the middle class of America.

After ending their meal and paying the check, Feinberg decided to give Ryan a piece of her mind. She approached the table and asked Ryan “how he could live with himself” sipping expensive wine while advocating for cuts to programs for seniors and the poor. Some verbal jousting between Feinberg and the other two men ensued. One of the two men said he had ordered the wine, was drinking it and paying for it. In hearing how much the wine cost, Ryan said only: “Is that how much it was?”

The clash became especially heated when Feinberg asked the men if they were lobbyists.

Pink Slip Pauli’s lobbyist friend replied as you would have expected “F You Peasant”! While Pink Slip Paul’s response was also to be expected. He attacked Professor Feinberg as “crazy” and pretended he had no idea how much the wine cost. The young gun who is going to personally save our economy does not look at prices on a menu in an expensive DC restaurant? Or was it that he had no intention of paying if Professor Feinberg had not stepped in and stood up for 99.8% of America? All of the displaced Janesville GM workers, who go for weeks without seeing their families, can take some comfort in knowing that the recession has not effected Paul Ryan whatsoever!

PS: If anyone knows who the lobbyists are that Paul Ryan was sharing his wine with, please email us here(click blogging blue tips) and let us know. I am quite sure they weren’t from the 1st congressional district of WI.


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7 thoughts on “Its good to be KING!

  1. Of course, since all of Ryan’s income comes as a direct check from the taxpayers, that’s welfare money he was spending (not that he hasn’t been the king of all welfare queens since his teens).

    So, I just hope he got forgotmyscreenname’s pre-approval for this transaction.

    1. Yeah, it’s always struck me as particularly galling and hypocritical that Paul Ryan wants to essentially gut the very same social safety net that helped him when he was a young person.

  2. JCG notice it is not an itemized receipt….you expect us to believe he paid $350 for a bottle of wine and his dinner was $42? come on now….

    I also dont believe they were “economists”

  3. per talking points memo comments section the two fellow dinners were John Cochrane of chicago booth, and clifford asness a hedge fund manager

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