Kaukauna’s literally unbelievable budget miracle

Over at Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse, Jake formerly of the LP has a must-read on how the school district of Kaukauna is using the union-busting provisions of Act 10 (the so-called “budget repair” bill) to balance their budget on the backs of teachers.

Here’s my favorite quote of Jake’s:

In fact, the original budget proposal from the guv resulted in a drop of Kaukauna’s available revenues of $2.16 million (a bit under 5% of their total), and $2.75 million from the state (check out your favorite district’s cut here, Kaukauna’s on Page 5).

So let’s recap: if not for the drastic cuts to state education aid to local school districts proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, cuts which led to a $3 million budget deficit for the Kaukauna school district, the union-busting provisions of Act 10 would not have been necessary.


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  1. yes and that was clearly Gov. Walker’s intent…to move the cost of education out of Madison onto the backs of the actual teachers and administrators locally. That is his tool he provided local taxing authorities…

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