No really! Scott Walker wants to work with Democrats!

Apparently Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who for months has been content to ram through his far-right extremist agenda, now wants to work together with Democrats as he continues to give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, raise taxes on the poor and the middle class, weaken environmental protections, and impose mandates on local government.

Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but wonder if Gov. Walker’s newfound interest in bipartisanship has something to do with the recall elections pending against six Republican State Senators, with Democrats needing to win only three of those seats (while holding on to their own) in order to retake the State Senate majority and bring to a halt the far-right agenda of Republicans.


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3 thoughts on “No really! Scott Walker wants to work with Democrats!

  1. If the GOP prevails in those recalls, look for Scott to drop every mention of working well with others.

    1. Yeah, I’m betting you’re right on that, but I’m optimistic that the Democrats will be able to win enough of those seats to take back the State Senate majority.

  2. After you’ve raped me you now wanna be friends. I don’t think that’s going to work out so well. Now it’s not politics, it’s payback. Recall Scooter Walker so he can get his high paying gig at FascistNews.

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