Peter Barca: Fitzmandering covers up WI GOP’s assault on Wisconsin families

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, a Democrat from Kenosha, has a great post up on DailyKos outlining how Republicans in Wisconsin are using their radical redistricting plan to cover up their continuing assault on Wisconsin families.

Here’s a snippet:

Gov. Walker has talked a big game on national television and in the local media recently about Republicans’ desire to work in a bipartisan fashion, but actions speak much louder than words.

Despite calls from citizens, nonpartisan good-government groups, and 14 editorials from newspapers all across Wisconsin urging the Republicans to end their self-serving ideological war on our democracy, they decided to ram their divisive, partisan redistricting plan through after only one public hearing.

This plan is designed solely to insulate Gov. Walker and Republicans from accountability for their actions over the past several months – by redrawing districts with the goal of ensuring their party stays in power for the next decade.

In their relentless effort to maintain their grip on power, Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans are dividing Wisconsinites for their own political gain. They are shunning local control by passing their plan before local governments have finished drawing their own boundaries. They are disregarding the constitution by ignoring the rights of minority citizens, breaking apart communities of interesting, and disenfranchising 300,000 voters across Wisconsin.

Democratic control of the State Assembly, State Senate (coming soon!), and the governorship can’t come fast enough.


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1 thought on “Peter Barca: Fitzmandering covers up WI GOP’s assault on Wisconsin families

  1. Remember the old movie, “The Ten Commandments” with Carlton Heston and Yule Brenner? Basic Good-Guys vs. Bad-Guys theme. We know who is who. But what many people fail to notice, and what I believe is the best line in the movie is spoken by the Bad Guy-Pharaoh himself. It takes place during the annual blessing of the Nile. The Egyptian Priests are carrying their idols around, imploring them for a good year. Enter: Moses.

    Now Moses had a very bad stuttering problem. That is why he was so shocked when the burning bush told him that he would be going to Egypt to talk to Pharaoh. It is also the reason why his brother Aaron did so much of the talking. Aaron, Moses and others interrupt the ceremony and an Egyptian soldier asks Pharaoh if they should throw them out. Here it is…

    Pharaoh say, “No. Let them rage on so that people will remember them as ‘Mad’.” See the similarity in Pharaoh’s situation and ours? The main difference is that we don’t have the opportunity to tell Walker to, “shut up.” He rages on, seemingly oblivious to who he is alienating, all the while digging his hole deeper into stupid-ville. We can’t do a thing about it. We could not even warn him accidently – in passing. Not even by an unexpected outburst. His friends are powerless to save him as well. He is rushing headlong into the annals of, “Stupidest Politicians in History.” He is so fast at stupid we can hardly take notes before he smears something on himself (and his party) again. He is already flying past Richard Nixon. At least Nixon had the wherewithal to try to lie his way out of it. No, I am afraid his is gaining quickly on Idi Amin!

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