President Obama raises twice as much money as all Republican candidates combined

According to a video announcement from President Barack Obama’s reelection arm, more than $86 million was donated to help reelect President Obama in 2012. It’s worth noting that number dwarfs the fundraising totals of all his Republican challengers, who raised a total of $35 million combined during the last fundraising quarter.

What’s more, 552,462 people donated to President Obama’s reelection effort, including 260,000 people who did not make donations in 2008, which seems to suggest that President Obama’s 2008 base will turn out once again to support him, but more importantly his base may have actually grown a bit larger.

At any rate, these numbers certainly don’t bode well for those Republicans hoping to unseat President Obama in 2012, because they’ll be hard-pressed to close the fundraising gap, even with the presence of Republican “SuperPACs” during the 2012 election cycle.


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7 thoughts on “President Obama raises twice as much money as all Republican candidates combined

  1. Certainly always hard to beat an incumbent preznit, regardless of occupant. This being one of the main reasons.

    Will this be the first $1 billion campaign? If not 2012, certainly 2016 will be. Sad….

  2. I’m willing to go bet on the outcome. . . maybe $100. Anyone care to join me in getting counted in next quarter’s totals for Obama?

    1. Not I. Not lifting a finger for the guy this time, at least at this point. “Not as bad as a Republican” isn’t good enough for me. Especially if he follows through on threats to cut SS and/or Medicare. I want a fighter, not milquetoast.

      1. Yeah, I want a fighter as well, though I’ll say that I think President Obama’s talk of cutting SS and Medicare were a carefully crafted bluff to be able to say he was willing to go against his party to get a deal done but Republicans wouldn’t meet him halfway.

        1. I don’t know – I’d be more willing to believe the political jujitsu theory were this 2009, but he’s got a well-worn track record of selling out to the Serious Washington CW at this point, so I don’t think it’s a bluff. Even if it were a bluff, it doesn’t seem very wise because it rhetorically negates the biggest weapon Dems have going for them: hanging Paul Ryan around the GOP’s neck. And then what do Dems sell themselves as, “we want to cut SS and Medicare, but not as much as the other guys do”?

          Not that I’m calling him stupid….he’s not. I just keep in mind a great quote I heard about him not long ago that about sums up the frustration: “Obama is neither stupid or weak…or progressive”.

          1. Yeah, there’s no denying he’s far from being a progressive, but there were signs of that long before he was elected.

  3. Let’s not miss the fact that the average contribution was below $100.00, ($68.00 if I recall.) That certainly speaks to the fact that many still trust him. As far as SS and Medicare, Medicaid, has anyone played poker? I think that was just a negotiating point, not meant for anything but to show the American people that Republicans care about one thing. The rich. My Republican mother of 75 years is telling me she is so frustrated with the party’s irresponsibility that she may vote D next time. “They promised jobs, now look. All the Astronauts are out of work, and they cut everything else, the d….fools. (giggle, her words, not mine.)

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