Ronald Reagan thinks it’s time for Republicans to show some leadership on the debt ceiling

Listen to what former Republican President Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of conservatives, has to say about the propensity of Congress for bringing the government “to the edge of default before facing its responsibility.”

Ronald Reagan’s comments in 1987 about Congress could certainly be applied to today’s Congressional Republicans.


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5 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan thinks it’s time for Republicans to show some leadership on the debt ceiling

  1. You are taking his words out of context. He is saying the exact opposite of why you are implying that he is saying.

      1. Isn’t that the GOP strategy for the last ten years? Heck, I think they previewed that strategy during the Reagan years, in 1984. . .

    1. Typical conservative. The sky is purple. Up is down.

      From Reagan’s diary:

      “Day began with G.O.P. cong. leadership – a full cabinet room. Last night the repub. sen. very irresponsibly refused to pass an increase in the debt ceiling which is necessary if we’re to borrow & keep the govt. running. After we gave them all a rundown on Lebanon & Grenada we took up the budget & the necessary legislation. I sounded off & told them I’d veto every d – – n thing they sent down unless they gave us a clean debt ceiling bill. That ended the meeting.” (“The Reagan Diaries”, p. 192)

      Reagan increased the debt ceiling 18 times. Because responsible people, even conservatives, pay their bills – not throw them in the trash. If you’re going to deny that, you’re either a lying partisan hack or stupid. Or both.

      1. Thanks for bringing the context, JCG, and you’re absolutely right that responsible people – which includes conservatives – make sure they have the money to pay their bills.

        Quite frankly, the only reason we have a debt ceiling “crisis” is because the same Congressional Republicans who voted with nary a peep to raise the debt ceiling during the GWB presidency created this crisis because they wanted to stick it on President Obama and Democrats.

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