So about Dave VanderLeest’s loss on Tuesday…

Here’s an important fact to remember about Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen’s victory over Republican David VanderLeest on Tuesday:

While VanderLeest may have garnered 34 percent of the vote despite his long and sordid criminal conviction history, 3 years delinquent property taxes, and home foreclosure, the number of votes cast for VanderLeest (just over 10,000) in Tuesday’s election was far less than the number of signatures gathered in order to trigger a recall election against Sen. Hansen (somewhere in the neighborhood of 19,000).

If Republicans couldn’t beat Dave Hansen after collecting 19,000 signatures to get his name on a recall ballot, I’m betting he won’t have much to worry about in 2012.


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4 thoughts on “So about Dave VanderLeest’s loss on Tuesday…

  1. It also proves there are just over 10,000 complete idiots in that district.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure how anyone could justify voting for someone with a record as sordid as Dave VanderLeest’s….makes not a lick of sense to me.

  2. I think what we found out by the election results, coupled with what we know about Vanderleest, was that they did not actually gather enough legitimate signatures to actually recall Hansen.

    Phonebooks anyone…

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised honestly, my family and I are all in the phone book so that might explain it.

      I’m still outraged mind you over what happened. I think next time if a thing like this happens again, it’s not a good idea to pay a person per signature.

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