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  1. I took my 97 year old grandmother to get one of those voter ID’s, since she will be voting next week. And we talked about what to do in the event of delayed social security checks. She has outlived her savings, and gets by with patchwork of ss ~$400/month, food stamps, and family assistance (my husband and me). We are are stretched pretty thin, as our 5 year old daughter is going to school next month, and I have been a sahm, taking care of her, and my grandmother, and my MIL, and my parents too. What are other familys’ contingency plans?

      1. Let’s not jump to conclusions about this, yes I realize with the high level of tension in politics now. However there is no sign that there was arson. This likely had to deal with heat, humidity, the building was old, had faulty wiring, and so on.

        Besides, if conservatives wanted to win sympathy points they would do what they did with the Recall Hansen building being burglarized and it’s window being broken from the inside. Aka, if they wanted to really win sympathy points, they should damage their own headquarters, not their opponents.

        1. I’ll agree that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I don’t think Steven was. Just as he wrote, I think it will be interesting to see what happened there, because that was a heck of a big fire.

          1. Oh yeah, that’s true. According to my friend who lives across in Minnesota, it was huge and on one of the roads with a lot of traffic.

    1. What are other familys’ contingency plans?

      Seems Washington thinks your grandmother should pull herself up by the bootstraps and get a job. Also, too, your 5 year old.

      Because after being bailed out, billionaires can’t be asked to share the sacrifice.

    2. Well, we’re really worried about things here. My mother-in-law, who happens to live with us, receives SSDI and survivor’s benefits, so we’re nervous about what a shutdown could mean to her. Thankfully my wife and I should be able to help her out for the most part if she doesn’t get a check.

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