Susan Flood: happy to take money from teachers’ union, even though she can stand on her own

On Sunday I shared the story of Susan Flood, a teacher at Brookwood Schoool in Genoa City who indicated she was glad to see her yearly take-home pay cut by roughly $4,000 to cover increased health insurance and pension contributions. At the time, Flood noted she was glad to see her take-home pay cut by $4,000 if it meant she wouldn’t have to pay roughly $800 per year in union dues, saying, “They say the union is there to stand up for you. Well, no one has ever had to stand up for me. I think I stand up for myself by doing my job.”

However, while Susan Flood says she doesn’t need her union to stand up for her and thusly shouldn’t pay dues, she apparently doesn’t have a problem taking money from her union in the form of a grant to help her buy materials for her classroom. Earlier this year Flood and four other teachers were awarded a total of $933 in grants from the Southern Lakes United Educators-Retired, which is affiliated with the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), leaving me to wonder if Flood will return the money and stand up for herself by purchasing her own classroom materials, instead of asking her union to help her defray the cost.

After all, self-reliance is a cornerstone of the conservative philosophy, so if Susan Flood really believes she doesn’t need her union to stand up for her, then she shouldn’t need her union to give her money to pay for classroom materials. Hopefully Susan Flood will show some consistency and give back the money she received from SLUE-Retired, so she can show that she’s committed to standing on her own.


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9 thoughts on “Susan Flood: happy to take money from teachers’ union, even though she can stand on her own

  1. I have been a member of a teacher’s union. They do many things behind the scenes that many do not realize.
    * They are there to protect the teacher when a student falsely accuses them. This happens more often than goes reported.-I know of a teachers who gave a student an F, because that is what he earned. He got angry, planted a bag of pot under the teacher’s desk, and proceeded to call the authorities. The union was there to help her. After many months, she was acquitted. She left the profession, sued the student’s parents, But was helped by the union.
    * The union attempts to do its utmost to make sure school districts provide quality staff development. True, there are many school district loopholes that thwart this attempt, but the union continues to fight this fight.
    *Provides building stewards to for guidance and aid in greivances.
    * Makes sure there are provisions put in place for so many nights that teachers work, conferences, concerts, science fairs, etc. These are events that are not sporting events and are part of the school districts natural requirements. There are many nights that teachers work that the public remains unaware. If the unions were not there, there would be many, many more. Teachers already work many nights that go unnoticed.
    The unions do a great deal more than meets the eye. I am sure that Ms. Flood benefited from her union in more ways than she cares to admit.

  2. The author of this blog asked me about this grant. I told him the $120 was not for me. It was for the students. He did not include my quote. Never have I said the union should not be allowed. I have said I do not want to be forced to belong. I finally have that choice, as do my friends and colleagues who want to choice to belong.

    1. Susan, he’s not denying you the right, but instead calling you stupid for sacrificing thousands of dollars so you can save $800 of union dues. He’s right. I don’t want you near my child as a teacher or as anything. The stupid can be catching.

      1. I’m sorry, but you guys do not know what you are talking about. My child had the privilege of being in Susan Flood’s class last year and she is an incredible teacher. She is a caring, nurturing teacher who is dedicated to her classroom and students. You rock, Miss. Flood!

        1. Yes she taught them I got mine and you get yours. She taught them that she wants to keep her money and yet still get all of the benefits of the union. She taught them that I will go on bashing you publicly and take your money privately. She taught them as long as im ok i could give a sh*t about anyone else. Great lesson, I hope your kid grows up to be Gordon Gecko.

    2. And I hope that since you don’t want to be a member of the union because you can stand on your own, you’ll refund the money you received from the union. After all, you should be able to buy your own supplies and materials without applying for a handout from a union you want no part of.

  3. Sorry Susan, you are one strange teacher. I hope all the parents of your class get vouchers and send their kids away from your teachings, and to other fine private schools. I guess that would be their choice too. You see, choice works two ways. Oh and by the way….you are off the union bowling team. Turn in your ball.

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