There’s redistricting rumors coming out of the Capitol…

Though I don’t typically report on rumors I’ve heard, I found this one too interesting to not pass along.

According to multiple sources in the Capitol, Republicans in the legislature are working with Governor Scott Walker to stage a veto early next week of the current redistricting plan and are already secretly drawing up new/revised redistricting maps that will be introduced next week following a veto of the current maps by Gov. Walker.

The same sources have told me there’s disunity within the Republican caucus relating to redistricting, a rumor that could certainly be true, given published reports that at least one Republican lawmaker – freshman State Rep. Andre Jacque of Bellevue – asking his fellow Republicans in the legislature to change the maps so he is not pulled into the district of a fellow freshman, Rep. John Klenke (R-Green Bay).

Attempts to verify these rumors have been unsuccessful, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these rumors did turn out to be true.


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6 thoughts on “There’s redistricting rumors coming out of the Capitol…

  1. Damn you Zach. Rumor or not, if you were on the other team you could say anything and it would be true. No problems with ethical journalism there. 😉

  2. There is a federal law which prohibits redistricting on the basis of Race Discrimination. It was implemented in the South in 1965 and is still enforced in over 10 southern states that are notorious for race discrimination through redistricting. Of course, redistricting for voting purposes is the most flagrant form of Race Discrimination. Certain groups of voters can’t get to the poles or are easily disenfranchised. The main two are, “new immigrants” and, “the under-educated.” Both can be easily linked to a race. If Walker pushes this, he may force the state of Wisconsin into that group of states and we will need to gain Federal approval prior to doing any redistricting – STATE WIDE. Again, Scotty forgot that some of the people in Wisconsin are black. Oh, and he forgot that some of those people are in government and represent large groups of good people. Walker is so blind and stupid that he will charge ahead without anything but his ego (like the emperor with his new cloths!). I have to say one thing. Watching Scotty Walker shorten his own rope is the most entertaining thing I have done in years! Oedipus, oh Oedipus!

  3. I wouldn’t doubt if it was done as a Kabuki Theatre item where Walker “vetoes” it, and then they come back with something every bit as slanted. There’s been a concerted effort to make Mr. 37% approval look more “reasonable” with less divisive talk before the recalls.

    It won’t work on anyone with a brain, but we need to be cutting this off at the pass and exposing it for the cynical BS that it is.

  4. Jake formerly of the LP is right on target. It’s another bogus scheme to boost Walker’s ratings. That was my first thought too.

  5. I think it’s likely they’ll be drawing heavily republican portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan into various Wisconsin legislative district maps, (even if the intrusive spokes of turf are a hundred miles long and a mile wide), and will then deploy the state patrol to hold the new annexed territories.

    J.B. Van Hollen will issue an opinion that it’s legal and Prosser will write the state supreme court majority opinion agreeing with him. Mike Huebsch will restrict access to all municipal buildings and county courthouses in the new annexed territories, and then submit wildly overblown restoration estimates when the populace protests.

    Wisconsin will be at war with Canada before this is all over.

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