Today’s David VanderLeest tidbit

We here at Blogging Blue have worked hard to outline the sordid details of Republican State Senate candidate David VanderLeest’s domestic violence issues, allegations of child abuse, property tax issues, and general issues with the English language, and while David VanderLeest’s campaign against Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen may be coming to an end later today, I wanted to share one last gem with you all, courtesy of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Here’s just a tiny snippet of a statement given by DPW Chair Mike Tate:

Little did the Republicans care about a sordid personal past for Vanderleest that includes allegations of domestic and child abuse, allegations of felony drug use, the ownership of nuisance properties and a tax record that would make an accountant weep.

Now, in the twilight of his bizarre candidacy, after having just denied having smoked crack cocaine, he comes out with totally baseless legal threats that do more damage to the English language than to any of the actors whom he has threatened.

While on the one hand I’ll be glad that David VanderLeest won’t be around to draw attention to himself (and not in a positive way), I have to admit I will miss chronicling his foibles and follies.


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