VanderLeest Gets Ahead of the Next Story

On Joy Cardin’s show on WPR this morning (download the program here), David VanderLeest made his excuses about all of his troubles in the past with some unbelievable whiney excuses, many of which he has used before.  Then VanderLeest pulled the stunner, pretty much revealing what the next story about him will be, that he smokes crack.  From the transcript at Talking Points Memo:

“As far as my past, you know what, I lived it. I’ve been there. I know which — these accusations that were made, I know they’re not true,” he said. “You know, like I said, yesterday I got a report from social services that says I smoke crack. I mean, that’s just not the case, it’s not true.

David VanderLeest has done what most PR folks advise, and he’s gotten out ahead of the story by denying he smoked crack before the accusation is even leaked.  But now if people claim it’s just a rumor that VanderLeest smoked crack, we can say VanderLeest himself is the one who started the rumor.

This is just too rich.  When’s the last time you saw a candidate for any office have to deny that he’d moked crack?


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6 thoughts on “VanderLeest Gets Ahead of the Next Story

  1. “I don’t smoke rocks and that’s the truth”…?

    That whole phrase jumped out at me when he said ‘rocks”. This dude is a pathological liar, exhibits major signs of nacissistic and borderline personality disorders. He’s trying to construct a new reality around himself and is really creepy on every level.

    Hey Republican party- If he’s lying like this now, he’s only going to cause you all more trouble down the road.

    Jesus: Sound familiar?

  2. “When’s the last time you saw a candidate for any office have to deny that he’d smoked crack?”

    I’m thinking it was former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. VanderLeest had better hope there aren’t any videos.

  3. CJ McD, you are right that his use of language shows him to be lying. It also shows him to be a complete fool. The Republican Party needs to repubiate him, but don’t bet on anything moral by the Republicans in the near future.

  4. Most people who’ve never smoked crack or who don’t work in law enforcement wouldn’t call it “rocks.”

    The fact that VanderLeest used that particular language is telling, at least to me.

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