Who Would Jesus Smear?

Perpetually suing, \"pro\" family values PAC Wisconsin Family Action, led by the notorious Julaine Appling, has inserted themselves fully into the Wisconsin Senate recall races. WFA initially sent out an email asking their members to pray, for “pro family” recall candidates like Randy Hopper (no word on if she also asked for prayers for their mistresses also.).

Now they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to sway the senate races for the republicans. That is alot of money for a fringe confused \"religious\" group to be spending in NON tax deductible donations. Julaine Appling, refuses to discuss where she got the money but she is obviously fronting for someone.

While Appling pretends to be upholding “traditional Judeo – Christian values”, I think that she and her organization would be one who gets their tables overturned by Jesus in the temple (Matthew 21:12).

More on Julaine Appling and WFA here.


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  1. Hopper? Pro Family Values?

    Maybe someone should talk to his spouse and children.

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