3 thoughts on “A Colbert Poem dedicated to WI

  1. So Fred Clark can get away with his shenanigans and it’s OK with you. Sandy Pasch has connections with Citizen Action and WI. Jobs Now and they feed those without inclinations to vote and then drive them down to City Hall, and you’re OK with that.
    Barack Obama does a shady real estate deal with now imprisoned Tony Rezko and you’re OK with that.
    But lefties have a problem with WI. Right to Life offering an incentive to reward THEIR VOLUNTEERS.

    1. The GOTV efforts are legal, although I do think the Pasch is in a bit shifty territory with treasurer being from Citizens Action of Wisconsin.

      The big deal with Darling is she fell smack dab into illegal territory. What is happening with the GOTV efforts is different from what is happening with the GOP’s efforts with genuinely clear bribery. I doubt it’s going to go anywhere mind you – it’s always all right if you’re a Republican.

      Fred Clark has problems with his driving due to speeding and from my knowledge, most of it came from before he went into politics and if I’m not sure how that bicyclist and his family feel seeing that ad over. And over. And over again.

      And you haven’t been reading this blog much at all if you see us defending Obama.

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