About that outside money!

Scott Walker can not get on TV or The hate radio triumverate enough to complain about outside money coming into WI.

Now we know what he was talking about!

It turns out the Justice David Prosser’s recount campaign was well funded with almost strictly outside money.

 John Templeton Jr. of Pennsylvania and his wife, Josephine, each gave Prosser’s recount fund $50,000 on April 14. John Templeton Jr. heads the conservative John Templeton Foundation created by his late father, a renowned investor. The foundation had $1.7 billion in assets as of the end of 2009, records show.

John Templeton Jr. has made large political contributions in the past, giving a total of $209,500 to three candidates for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2007, according to the National Institution on Money in State Politics.

 Richard Uihlein of Pleasant Prairie, the owner of shipping supply distributor Uline, gave $50,000.

 David Humphreys of Missouri gave $25,000 toward the recount. Humphreys is part of a family that owns Tamko Building Products Inc., which makes roofing products and has been named in numerous asbestos lawsuits, according to the Kansas City Star. Humphreys pushed an effort last year to elect judges in his home state.

 Virginia James of New Jersey also donated $25,000. She is an investor who has given large sums to Republicans and conservative causes, including $350,000 last year to Club for Growth Action, according to the Federal Elections Commission.

But wait there’s more:

More than $75,000 went to the Troupis Law Office, which is headed by Jim Troupis and has a major First Amendment case before the court Prosser sits on.

Three legal experts said judges and justices cannot hear cases argued by attorneys who have recently done work for them. Prosser plans to remain on the case regardless.

Troupis, one of the key attorneys for Prosser’s recount, is representing tea party groups and other conservatives in a case they brought last year to halt state regulations on political speech. The case will be argued before the court on Sept. 6.

Is there a bigger parasite on the Wisconsin taxpayers right now that Jim Troupis? Will Scott Walker be consistent and denounce this kind of out of state money? Is there any reason that Justice Prosser would recuse himself for? knowing that it might hurt the chances of “advancing the walker agenda” that he campaigned on?

I can’t wait for the next Christian Schneider column touting all of Prosser\'s in-state support, or the next post by kevin binversie telling us how much more money JoAnn Kloppenburg raised than Prosser.


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2 thoughts on “About that outside money!

  1. The Troupis part is especially disturbing, because this is the guy who ginned up the redistricting work (at taxpayer expense), and did big work on the collective bargaining bill for the WisGOPs. In any other forum, we would call this what it is- BRIBERY.

    And by the way, here’s another case where the right-wing forces outspend the ones on the left- funny how that always seems to be the case when the numbers come out. It’ll be that way when the recall numbers come in as well. BOYCOTT AND MAKE THEM PAY for this legalized thuggery.

  2. http://wscca.wicourts.gov/caseDetails.do;jsessionid=B82945E950C47473E2FBDF6F608646EE?caseNo=2010AP001937&cacheId=0F84E46343427AA272F287B3F0DD659A&recordCount=11&offset=1

    Just take a look at the parties, attorneys, and interested parties in this case” http://wscca.wicourts.gov/caseDetails.do;jsessionid=B82945E950C47473E2FBDF6F608646EE?caseNo=2010AP001937&cacheId=0F84E46343427AA272F287B3F0DD659A&recordCount=11&offset=1

    Holy mama. Their deck’s so stacked, from the Walker administration to the Supreme Court. The mafia’s got nothin’ on the Republican Party in WI. The Republican party IS the mafia in Wisconsin.

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