Alert here comes Amber

The chairwoman of the Republican party of Columbia County, volunteer firefighter, dairy farmer, Poynette School Board member and very upset random parent resigned today after crashing her car while driving drunk. The conservative Hahn apparently believes that a family that drives drunk together, stays together(as she had her three children in the car with her).

Either Amber is still upset that high schools in Wisconsin now have to teach ACTUAL history:

Or else maybe she she should rethink her opposition to High Speed Rail.


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12 thoughts on “Alert here comes Amber

  1. She says she has “lost focus”? Well, I guess so- drunk driving with children in the car. On the school board too! Bet you FOX will be as mum about this as they were about choosing her for a random person in the street interview!
    She sounds like a of couple Ohio Republican legislators we know. See:

  2. I’m sure you have been equally critical of liberal politicians over the years who have done this too.

    1. Here is your chance forgotmyscreenname, go ahead and make a list. No, I’ll bet you just complain., it’s an open forum so use it. Better yet do some reseach on a bi-partisan nature and show your open to equal rights.

      1. Jack, what kind of list are you looking for? It seems to me that if the topic is driving drunk and/or alchoholism re: anyone remotely in politics, then the mayors of Marinette and Sheboygan would have been timely and relevant editions to the story.

    1. Palli, I wholeheartedly agree. The issue here however is the selectivity of the story and using it to somehow gain some cheap political points. It fits the overall narrative of “republican thugs” on this blog (going so far as to link an incident capitol maintenance man to ficitious partisan “thuggery”). So yeah, let’s highlight a woman involved in county politics, but ignore mayors and representatives who do the same thing.

  3. This is more about a “conservative” family values republican making drunk driving a family affair. Show me a dem who has done the same and I will denounce them equally.

    1. What a bunch of BS excuse. Drunk driving is drunk driving. Granted, other people in the car is very bad, but a lone driver could just as easily kill a family in another vehicle. Don’t know where you come from, but wouldn’t be suprised if you had voted for one of the liberal drunk drivers.

    2. Yea… I’m going to have to go with the whole glass houses and stones thing on this…

      It’s like trying to claim only Democrats dress up as tigers and sexually abuse teenage minors… when in reality most unfaithful Democrats are just like their Republican brethren… they’ll have a good ole fashioned affair with their Argentine lover on the taxpayers dime…

      …so point is that this happens to both sides… so why be so juvenile about it?

  4. Ah…The old “THEY DO IT, TOO!” response. Jeebus H. Keerist. Right-wingers have not one iota of truth in them.

    1. Jan, so liberals are angels in their lives? Or it doesn’t matter because they don’t claim to follow higher standards in the first place? Or it doesn’t matter because they supposedly believe and fight for a just cause? Of course “they” do it too. Why would a politicial ideology one way or the other mean anything different. There are plenty of hypocrites and good honest people and everything in between on both sides.

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