An important update on Jonathan Steitz’s sex offender

Jonathan Steitz

Jonathan SteitzIn an important update to a story we broke earlier today, it appears that Karl Lindquist, the registered but non-compliant sex offender living at a home owned by Republican State Senate candidate Jonathan Steitz (pictured, right), may be in violation of the City of Kenosha’s sex offender ordinance, which was enacted on July 18, 2008. As you’ll recall, Karl Lindquist lives at 3902 Sheridan Road in Kenosha, a residence that according to the Kenosha City Assesor’s online database is owned by Jonathan Steitz and his wife.

Here’s the pertinent section from Chapter 11 of the City of Kenosha’s ordinances:

C. Sexual Offender And Sexual Predator Residence; Prohibitions and Exceptions.
1. Prohibited Location of Residence. is not required to register under Sections 301.45
a. It is unlawful for any Designated Offender not placed pursuant to Department of Corrections (DOC) guidelines (whereby Designated Offenders are returned to their home community) to establish a Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence within two thousand five hundred (2,500’) feet of a Prohibited Location.

D. Property Owners Prohibited From Renting Real Property To Certain Sexual Sexual Predators.
It shall be unlawful for any property owner to lease or rent any place, structure, mobile home, trailer or any part thereof, with the knowledge that it will be used as a Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence by any person prohibited from establishing a Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence therein pursuant to this Ordinance, if such place, structure, or mobile home, trailer or any part thereof, is located within a Prohibited Location zone as defined in Section 11.033 B.

According to Sec. 6 of the Kenosha sex offender ordinance, a “Prohibited Location” is defined as “any school property, licensed daycare center, park, trail, playground, place of worship, or any other place
designated by the City as a place where children are known to congregate.”

According to my calculations, the residence located at 3902 Sheridan Road in Kenosha is just a shade over 1,000 feet from Washington Middle School, putting it right in the middle of a prohibited location zone, as defined by Kenosha’s ordinance, making it unlawful for the property owner (Jonathan Steitz) to rent to Karl Lindquist, who’s required by law to register as a sex offender in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Attempts to contact Jonathan Steitz and his campaign for comment on this story have been unsuccessful.

You can read the original story HERE.


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6 thoughts on “An important update on Jonathan Steitz’s sex offender

  1. Is this information sufficiently well-documented to warrant alerting the middle school office, PTA, and the school district office, law enforcement, besides the campaign offices?

    1. Steve, I’ve confirmed that the Kenosha sex offender ordinance is in effect, and the sex offender in question listed 3902 Sheridan Road in Kenosha as his address during his pending court proceedings, at least according to CCAP.

      I don’t know how much more I can confirm or document.

  2. Zach loves child molesters… I don’t know why he’d want to kick one out of his home. Oh yeah – Because a Republican owns it.

    Zach – You’re a worthless piece of shit shill/hack for the dummycrats. Go suck a cock, mother fucker….

    1. There you have it folks; that’s what passes for commentary from some on the right.

      By the way, this comment was posted from IP address, which is coming out of Kenosha.

      Those Steitz supporters sure do crack me up!

      1. Classy, ZSB. I’m with you, Zach. This is about as high as the level of discourse gets.

        1. I don’t typically approve this kind of “hate mail” that finds it way here, but I feel like I need to start approving more of it so that folks can see exactly the kind of crap that some cowardly conservatives spew when they’re hiding behind their keyboards.

          Although I will say that in the case of this specific comment, I have my suspicions that it came from someone connected to the post in question, given where the IP traces to.

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