And now for a bit of snark

Found on Facebook tonight…

Jeremy gave up his wealth and lifestyle to be able to fight for the people of Wisconsin and this country. The least we could do is make sure he has a roof over his head and food on the table. He gave up his life for all of us, please do help him out with whatever you can!

The Jeremy who gave up his “wealth and lifestyle” is none other than “Segway” Jeremy Ryan, who’s also listed as the Executive Director of the Defending Wisconsin PAC.

The fact that the Executive Director of the Defending Wisconsin PAC is soliciting online donations to subsidize his rent and living expenses certainly doesn’t inspire one to make a donation to Defending Wisconsin PAC, nor does this part of Ryan’s statement on his online donation page:

So I am faced with an option and something I never wanted it to come to. Get a full time job or ask for help.

I know Jeremy’s trying to fight the good fight here in Wisconsin, but so are a hell of a lot of other folks, and we fight the good fight while also managing to hold down full time jobs.

So here’s some advice for Jeremy Ryan, and this advice won’t cost him a thing: hike up your bootstraps, get a full-time job, and stop asking others to support your lifestyle. If you want to be a full-time activist, then be prepared to make some serious sacrifices, otherwise suck it up and get a job.


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8 thoughts on “And now for a bit of snark

    1. I’m not mocking anyone though; if the guy had a business that allowed him to accumulate “wealth” before all this, he could certainly do something to make some money without resorting to begging for donations online.

  1. Snark and mocking aren’t the same thing. So I’ll see that snark and raise you one.

    You’re not the only one thinking this. I’ve seen it all over facebook.

    Bravo to Ryan for working so hard and sticking in there, but that PAC – and the request for funds – seemed to go up within days of the first protest. Then there was his unfortunate “you don’t have a right to say anything unless you’re at the Capitol every day” moment. I think it’s pretty nervy to make that claim and then say, “oh, and please give me the money you get from the job that prevents you from being here every day so that I can continue to be the Best Protester in All Wisconsin.”

    And technically, is being a full-time protester the same as being a full-time activist? I’d like to see more, and more aggressive, conversations about what kind of activism is the most productive right now, and how we can work together. Ryan seems to be a one-man-show.

    1. Yeah, I may not have been at the rallies in Madison every day, but as a public employee who’s going to feel the full effects of Gov. Walker’s policies any day now, I think I’ve earned the right to voice my opinion.

      And thanks for visiting and sharing your opinion Heather; I was starting to think my perspective was off on this.

      1. I don’t think your perspective is off, but some people will jump on how we have to stick together and support our own etc. I admit to feeling a little guilty for joining in this conversation. But I’ll chalk it up to recall stress and blowing off steam.

        In any case, solidarity means more than just going along with any crazy thing one of us wants to do or say and never calling anyone out. It means working together to find real solutions.

    2. And technically, is being a full-time protester the same as being a full-time activist?

      No. While there’s some overlap, there are more ways in which they’re almost polar opposites.

  2. I don’t know enough about this guy to have a truly valid opinion, largely because his spotlight-hound actions turned me off from paying any attention to him. He strikes me as a good old fashioned opportunistic grifter. Happy to be wrong, since it would be a better outlook on humanity, but….

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