And now for something completely unrelated to politics

this moment

it’s a farce, the great actors, the great poets, the great
statesmen, the great painters, the great composers, the
great loves,
it’s a farce, a farce, a farce,
history and the recording of it,
forget it, forget it.

you must begin all over again.
throw all that out.
all of them out

you are alone with now.

look at your fingernails.
touch your nose.


the day flings itself upon


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8 thoughts on “And now for something completely unrelated to politics

  1. We here at Annie K. applaud what appears to be an unguarded, dare-we-say-naked offering to the gods of _____________ (they refuse to allow their names to be written).
    We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. However, what we want is always a sure road to becoming an un-read aberration, and anything BUT the up-and-coming Democratic Party Rock Star Blogger.
    But we once read – and we believ this is true _ that to excell (or even just be “good”) at anything, you have to actually be capable of more. Of being able to reach beyond the level at which you appear to be working. It makes snese, you need to be skilled enough to maintain a level plus to sprikle it with Higher level stuff oten enough to engage more fully, to offer a solid meal but also some spice and delight. As opposed to those who are slavishly dull meat-and-potatoes “throw in some Campbell’s soup and call that a sauce” kinds of cooks etc. Of which we are not one. Do not get us started on “bread machines”.
    (btw I live for idiotic metaphors so you’ll have to deal with them)

    We would also like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to have a wanton, and incredibly condescending-sounding Royal We orgy.

  2. I would never throw a can of Campbells soup on my meat and potatoes and call it sauce, but I’d certainly whisk flour and potato water into my drippings and call it gravy.

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