Good riddance to Randy Hopper!

I don’t care if this is snarky, but let me be the first to say Wisconsin is better off without “ridiculous liar” and adulterer Randy Hopper in the State Senate.

That man was a disgrace to the office he held, and he’s a despicable human being.


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16 thoughts on “Good riddance to Randy Hopper!

    1. Which has nothing to do with what I wrote about.

      But hey, thanks for pointing out what we already knew, Captain Obvious.

  1. I had a thought: I wonder how long Hopper’s mistress will stay with him now that he’s no longer a state senator and can’t help her get cushy, high-paying government jobs?

    1. He’s rich, so I’m sure she’ll stay with her sugar daddy for a while….or at least until he finds someone younger and prettier.

      1. Her family is wealthy, she doesn’t need him for that. It was probably just one of those temporary things. He would have seemed to have more to offer than a 25 year old guy, esp. to a serious type girl and of course we know how/why he’d enjoy a younger female. But really mid-twenties guys are so often full of crap, it wouldn’t have to be a Daddy thing or money for her. Hopper could have initially seemed to be something that she’s now finding out isn’t real.
        I can’t imagine they’ll last and probably are on the skids right now – if not actually broken up. His ugly divorce, his middle-aged paunch and Old Man Smell, and lack of even knowing who/what she is talking about, the monumental levels of embarrassment she’s bringing to her family and the over-all lack of FUN her and Randy would be having anymore…
        She won’t stick around.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s feeling really miserable about the whole thing. He’s the human cesspool, she’s just young.

  2. You could say the same of Bill Clinton. Were you saying the same thing in 1998? But it was a private personal family matter back then that had nothing to do with his job and besides everybody does it…

    1. That was disgusting too forgotmyscreename.

      You’re so partisan you’re picking at straws assuming that Zach actually thought it wasn’t despicable. He has stated several times he did not think highly of it.

    2. Actually fmsn, I thought then – and I still think now – that was Bill Clinton did was deplorable, and while I do think highly of the man as a president (not to mention his post-presidency efforts through his foundation), what he did with Lewinsky was deplorable, both as a president and as a husband.

  3. Ridiculous liar, that was moonbat sandy paush talking about medicare. That must of turned your stomach Zach.
    Next week the two fleebaggers will be joining Sandy in the bat cave and that’s how democracy works

  4. The pathetic riposte from a pathetic right-wing nutjob: “SOMEONE ELSE DID IT SO IT’S OKAY!”

    Go tell that to Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole (who cheated on his first wife with current wife, Elizabeth), Ronald Reagan (whose first wife, Jane Wyman, suffered through years of his philandering with Hollywood starlets), Rush Limbaugh (who cheated on his first three wives), and David “Hooker” Vitter, who admitted to cheating on his wife with prostitutes. I could name more, but Zach doesn’t have the space.

  5. Mike Tate seems to be saying today that the effort to recall Walker will be timed with the 2012 general election.

    If that’s the case we should start gathering petition signatures this November to recall Pam Galloway. If we can win two seats in historically republican districts we can win one in an historically democratic district.

  6. The real question: where will he find employment? MacIver or AFP? My guess is whichever will offer the better opportunity to “ruin” people.

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