Governor Goodhair

I hesitate to waste too much time on Gov. Perry as a serious presidential candidate, because Karl rove is already on the echo chamber knocking him down. However, here are some gems from one of my personal heroes: Molly Ivins.

Here is a collection of some of the gems she wrote about Gov. Goodhair Perry.

Jan. 11, 2004

I have failed to give sufficient recognition to our only governor, Rick “Goodhair” Perry, who is adding to the old je ne sais quoi in truly impressive quantities.

Goodhair gave such an amazing performance at his end-of-the-year news conference that I was forced to call a perfectly reliable reporter for the Dallas Morning News and ask if it was a joke. …

The guv remains convinced that his greatest accomplishment was not raising taxes, even though fees, tuition, fines and everything else that the Leg could find to jack up without calling it a tax was jacked sky-high. …

You may think the guv’s had a rough year – three special sessions on top of the regular session just to pass that misbegotten redistricting bill, not counting the two bolts by Democrats and such minor unpleasantness as having to hack $10 billion out of the state budget.

For some, the budget-cutting, aimed mostly at services for desperately needy people, was a painful and even tragic exercise. Especially knocking 250,000 poor children off health insurance.

Fortunately, Gov. Goodhair has a firm grasp on priorities, and when asked his biggest disappointment of the year, he replied: “Aggie football.”

check out the rest of the column for more! I miss Molly Ivins.


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7 thoughts on “Governor Goodhair

  1. Have you seen what changes he would like to make to the US Constitution? Yahoo news has the info today.

    1. Goodhair is too stupid to realize that the founders crafted the judiciary to protect us from half-wits like him. Pretty sad irony.

    2. I think points one and two relating to restraining the federal judiciary are great and would have positive consequences unforeseen by this dolt — either one would have made FDR’s life a good deal easier, for example. The rest are a joke and none of them have any chance of passing, no worry.

      1. Beat me to it, Mike. 1 and 2 would be marvelous, classically progressive achievements, and I’d welcome them.

        Not only would they have made FDR’s life easier, but would also potentially provide the path for overturning Citizen’s United, other campaign finance rulings, and corporate person-hood in general.

  2. The thought of this country being anything like the Middle-East-like oil oligarchy that is Texass should be reason enough to eliminate this fool from serious consideration. Gee, who wouldn’t want to hire the guy who’s presided under a $27 billion deficit, the lowest HS graduation rate and the highest uninsured rate in the nation?

    Working the checkout line at Wal-Mart does not get you into the middle class, as much as Perry tries to convince you otherwise.

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