Is Dale Schultz the de facto State Senate majority leader?

This is an interesting read…

So even as a Republican, Schultz, not Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald, is the most powerful man in the Senate—he is the balance of power in Wisconsin, and if he’s interested, he could team with Democrats to form a majority coalition, or even switch parties outright.

There’s no doubt Dale Schultz is a very popular man in the Capitol right now, because he really does hold the balance of power in the State Senate. Given that Schultz voted against the anti-union budget “repair” bill forced through the State Senate by Scott Fitzgerald, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sen. Schultz find ways to work with Democrats in the State Senate to advance a more moderate agenda, though as long as Scott Fitzgerald remains as the real Senate Majority Leader, we can expect to see Republicans continue to ram through the remainder of their far-right agenda.


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6 thoughts on “Is Dale Schultz the de facto State Senate majority leader?

  1. Hello!

    You lost.

    Stop fantasizing. You are allowing your delusions to crowd out the reality of your daily existence.

    You lost yesterday. You will lose again tomorrow. The odds of you losing again next week are also quite high.

    1. Heh…for some reason I’m not worried about Jonathan “I rent to noncompliant sex offenders” Steitz beating Bob Wirch, and I’ll have a little something about Kim Simac in the next day or so.

      Regardless, I’d love to hear you explain how Democrats GAINING two seats in the State Senate last night constitutes a loss. On Monday there were 19 Republican State Senators, and on Wednesday there are only 17. That sounds like a win to me!

  2. The skeptic in me says this also frees up Cullen to move to the Serious Center, so some things may end up worse.

  3. We are so proud of you guys in Wisconsin. You came up a bit short this time, but you will WIN for the people of your state in the end!

    As Studs Terkel used to say, “Keep fighting the good fight!”

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