Kim Simac “A leader (who always has scheduling conflicts)”

The 12th Senate District had a candidate forum yesterday, the only problem is Kim Simac (R-tea party) refused to show up.

Feitlinger said Simac’s campaign told the group she had a scheduling conflict. A call to Simac’s campaign spokesman was not immediately returned.

Holperin did attend the one-hour event at the Oneida County Department on Aging in Rhinelander. Simac submitted written responses to the group’s questions, Feitlinger said.

Both candidates were invited July 21 and Simac’s campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries from the Alliance until Monday, Feitlinger said. About 120 retirees attended the event.

Apparently she is too busy to bother actually running for Senate. As the head of the “recall Jim Holperin” group, I wonder if she was too busy to actually legitimately gather enough signatures also. Of course maybe Simac was busy hiding people from our public schools. Or looking for God in the Constitution. Or maybe even writing children\'s books that appeal to Glenn Beck(insert own joke here). Either way she is too busy to talk with the people of the district or reporters.

Luckily, unlike the 2010 election, people are paying attention, this was a LTE from one of the voters of 12th district recently.

This an open letter to Kim Simac.

You are applying for the position of State Senator. As we would for any other job applicant, we need to see your resume.

What is your level of education? What elected offices have you held? Would State Senator be your first elected office? What experience have you had solving complex problems in a legislative setting? What are specific examples of your working with other people, even people you do not agree with, to solve a common problem?

What are your qualifications?

We listened to the forum with you and Robert Lussow on WXPR radio July 12. We heard Mr. Lussow’s qualifications for State Senate based on his years of experience on the Lincoln County Board, working with other people and listening to his constituents.

We heard your slogans, but not a single qualification for the job. Friends went to the forum in Tomahawk with Jim Holperin and Robert Lussow June 20. You were absent. I have been to your campaign headquarters in Rhinelander. No answer there either.

Ms. Simac, what are your qualifications?

Please respond before the election.

Stand with Kim, if you can find her!

Support Jim Holperin for Senate, let’s end this “tea party” ridiculousness in our state once and for all.


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2 thoughts on “Kim Simac “A leader (who always has scheduling conflicts)”

  1. Kim Simac can’t afford to expose herself to the cunning, shrewd, unnamed enemy most of us refer to as the general public or, alternately, prospective constituents.

    A public appearance might blow her cover as a Glenn Beck operative fighting to defeat the great phantom enemy, many of whom may have been in the crowd posing as average, curious, northwoods citizens.

    For years and even decades this enemy has been among us, mowing their lawns, chatting in line at the grocery store, cheering on high school sports teams, going to the Dells on vacation, though all the while they’ve been waiting for their moment to strike.

    So the next time you see your neighbor trimming his hedges or washing his car in the driveway, ask yourself this: does he really look natural with that Chamois in his hand?

    If he doesn’t, call Kim Simac.

    She’ll know what to do.

  2. Hilariously, what’s the pop-up ad on the side of this page (and my blog as well). “Support Kim Simac, a leader who won’t run away.” Except apparently from the people that she’s supposed to represent, apparently.

    She’s trying a pathetic version of the Palin/ Bachmann “avoid all legitimate questions by any means” strategy of running a race. Good luck winning anything where you have more than 40% of the population voting with that weak-willed strategy, Kimmy.

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