Mitt feels your pain….

He knows what its like when times are tough like they are now. He has been forced to live in one of his houses that was only 3,009 square feet. Being the man of action that he is, he is making something happen. In between presidential fundraisers this weekend, Mitt plans on bulldozing his oceanfront tiny shack and replacing it with an 11,062 square foot house. Luckily for all involved, Mitt will be able to keep the lap pool and spa during this badly needed remodel.

Not bad for someone who is currently unemployed.

H/T Sign on San Diego

Makes me want to send him $20 to help this poor struggling public servant!


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5 thoughts on “Mitt feels your pain….

  1. Why is it that I hear Marie Antoinette’s words every time one of these rich, privileged assholes opens his/her mouth?

  2. Leave Mitt alone. If instead of complaining, people would just pull themselves up by the bootstraps and be born into wealth like Mitt, they too could bulldoze their $12million oceanfront vacation mansion.

  3. A correction perhaps to the last line? Mitt is not a public servant and hasn’t been for while now. He has a career, campaigning for office.

  4. For all their talk about how President Obama is somehow out of touch, this just shows that Republicans are the ones that are really out of touch.

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