Protesters arrested at WI Capitol

To say this is disappointing would be a severe understatement:

Officers sought to close the building and enforce a Dane County judge’s order from earlier this year that the building be cleared of the public after its business was done for the day.

Twelve adults and one youth were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly, with some facing additional charges of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said.

“No, we were not expecting this,” Tubbs said. “I’m extremely disappointed with the behavior of these 12 people.”

I’m all for protesting – I was there in Madison during the protests earlier this year – but I also believe that violating the law while protesting is sheer stupidity.


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5 thoughts on “Protesters arrested at WI Capitol

  1. It’s actually not called stupidity, there’s a term for people who violate a law in order to draw attention to something… What is it?? Oh that’s right, civil disobedience!!

    Jeremy Ryan

    1. Thanks for reading, Jeremy.

      Are you trying to say that it’s not possible to draw attention to something without breaking the law?

      I’d disagree with a statement like that, but I’d love to read your thoughts.

    2. Oh, and as someone wrote to me on Facebook, “Peaceful protests are awesome…righteous arrests during protests are heroic indeed…but last night was simply a shenanigan.”

  2. Jeremy, Civil disobedience is for when you are losing but still have the support of the people to gain their sympathies. Have you bee npaying attention to all that has happened like the recalls, etc… We are winning.

    We have been running the ball easily for first downs and you come in wanting to throw hail mary passes!

  3. You know what? Maybe it’s time for some civil disobediance. Being nice is only going to get you so far, and I get a bit tired of the navel-gazing I hear along the lines of “Ooooh, some independent might not like seeing unpleasant things.” Sorry, but Walker the WisGOPs have done plenty of unpleasant things, and that’s why they lose moderates by 30-40. The only people turned off are people who listen to Sykes and Belling anyway, so screw what they think. The real people know, and more will know if we continue to be forceful and honest. And keeping these horrible acts committed by Walker and the WisGOPs in the spotlight may require a few actions, because you know the J-S and WSJ won’t do their job in telling what’s really happening.

    Now that being said, Jeremy, your act is extremely self-centered and tired. This is about US, all of US, not what you do riding around on your little Segway. We have the support and energy moving in our direction. Don’t overplay our hand, and we’ll make the GOP go all in and lose soon enough.

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