Republicans ready to raise taxes on millions of Americans

But I thought Republicans in Congress were opposed to any tax increases of any kind…

Many of the same Republicans who fought hammer-and-tong to keep the George W. Bush-era income tax cuts from expiring on schedule are now saying a different “temporary” tax cut should end as planned. By their own definition, that amounts to a tax increase.

The tax break extension they oppose is sought by President Barack Obama. Unlike proposed changes in the income tax, this policy helps the 46 percent of all Americans who owe no federal income taxes but who pay a “payroll tax” on practically every dime they earn.

I’d love to hear some of you conservatives out there explain to me how raising taxes isn’t really a tax increase.


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2 thoughts on “Republicans ready to raise taxes on millions of Americans

  1. I’m not going to defend this. We’re sliding back into recession… and any tax increase will only exacerbate the decline. The GOP should not be getting all wobbly-kneed about maintaining all of these tax cuts.

    1. Credit where it’s due to you, econ, for at least sticking to the ideologically consistent position rather than the GOP talking point du jour.

      I’m really scratching my head over this one. I think the GOP is distracted by the bright blinky talking point, and missing the big picture.

      Especially since a year ago when this payroll tax holiday was enacted progressives hated it because A) it would ding the health of the SS trust fund, and B) because a year from then (now) Republicans would never let the “holiday” expire, since it would be demagoged as a tax increase. The reversal of those roles is perplexing.

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