Right-wing group sending fraudulent absentee ballots to Democratic voters in WI recall elections

According to a report by David Catanese of Politico, right-wing group Americans For Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to Democrats in State Senate districts 2 and 10 with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date.

The fliers, which can be viewed HERE, Democratic voters to return ballots for the Aug. 9 election to the city clerk “before Aug. 11.” Given the fact that absentee ballots are due the Thursday before the election – and so in this case would be due before August 4 – the AFP mailer seems to be a clear attempt to confuse Democratic voters in hopes that their votes will then be disqualified for being late.

In response to the apparent electoral fraud being perpetrated by Americans For Prosperity, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has indicated they plan on filing a complaint against Americans for Prosperity for the fraudulent mailers, with DPW Chair Mike Tate issuing the following statement:

“Scott Walker has sought the help of the corporate front group “Americans For Prosperity,” and here they come with dirty tricks clearly meant to meddle in our elections and suppress votes against the Koch Brothers’ agenda,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Wisconsin’s election authorities must stop the black hand of the corporate special interests and their front groups who are trying to strangle democracy in our state and support the six Republican senators now facing recall.

You can read a copy of the DPW’s complaint HERE.


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7 thoughts on “Right-wing group sending fraudulent absentee ballots to Democratic voters in WI recall elections

  1. Funny note: I got a call from the National Democratic Party giving me the date of the wrong election date. ( August 16th ) Even funnier note, with caller ID I called them back and I got a very different group. I’ll be honest, I was suspicious because it came from a place with the area code 262.

    I live in a fairly red area of my district, so I’m wondering if the Republicans are actually willing to go enough to claim they are the Democratic Party, prey on their own voters and let them go into outrage.

    If any of you get a call from the Democratic Party, make sure to record it, then call them back because you might get an interesting result.

    1. That being said: regardless of the calls, I say you look carefully at the numbers. There’s going to be a lot of shenanigans coming up, I guarantee it.

    2. with caller ID I called them back and I got a very different group.

      Which begs the question…

  2. There will be a lot of no-good, stinkin’, vile and anti-democratic shenanigans going on in the next week. Expect Breitbart types at the Joe The Bummer/Tea Party tour this weekend, hoping to film someone from the counter rallies screaming obscenities.

    Don’t do it. You’ll end up on Youtube.

  3. Where’s Ray with his usual pithy comments? Where’s Wingnut with his normally unsubstantiated and illogical hot air speeches?

    Oh. Guess they can’t refute this news story.

  4. don’t need to post this, but again, Politico has the two districts as 2 and 10, not 8 and 10.

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