The GOP priority: Their Job, Not Yours

Brett Hulsey

The GOP priority: Their Job, Not Yours
By Democratic State Rep. Brett Hulsey

Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) is pushing a major constitutional change to protect Wisconsin jobs. A fairly diverse group of Wisconsinites hold these jobs. Employees commute from all over the state to come to their offices, and the interview process leading up to the hiring is rigorous. Yes, GOP legislators have introduced a constitutional change to revoke the citizens’ right to fire their elected representatives at will through the recall process.

Taking away citizens rights is nothing new for Republicans in the legislature. Since taking office, he’s been part of the leadership of a GOP legislature that does a lot of that kind of thing. From eliminating worker’s rights, stopping citizens from entering the capital while the legislature was debating their foul legislation, working to raise taxes on seniors and low-wage earners, defunding women’s health programs, and the entire litany of attacks on the Wisconsin way of life contained within the state budget, the GOP is very good at taking away from Wisconsin citizens.

Now, they want to make it harder for Wisconsinites to take their jobs away from them. Removing the statewide recall process from the constitution is a blatant attempt to strip a vital citizen check on governmental authority. It takes resolutions passed in two consecutive legislative sessions and a statewide referendum to change the state constitution, so this process could take 5 years. That’s fine with the GOP; they figure they’ll control the entire state for the next 10 years now that their unfair backroom redistricting maps are law (we think the people will have something to say about that presumption, but I digress). But, after this week, they know their power can be checked through the recall process, and they’re out to do something about it.

We can’t let this important check on the power of elected officials be struck from the constitution. Contact your legislators today to oppose Rep. Vos’ resolution.

Contact: Rep. Brett Hulsey, (608) 266-7521


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1 thought on “The GOP priority: Their Job, Not Yours

  1. Representative Hulsey is right about today’s Republican politicians and GOP operatives – they will say and do just about anything to get wealth and power (not necessarily in that order, though). The same can be said for their attempts to keep that power.

    As we’ve seen over the past 8 months, Republicans in the State Assembly and Senate, including Representative Vos, have taken extreme (and sometimes illegal) steps to shove their selfish, vindictive, and counter-productive agenda down the public’s throats. And they are clearly not done yet.

    It is going to take elected officials like Brett Hulsey to call out these yahoos and to lead the charge against their increasingly dangerous initiatives.

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