Wake the [censored] up

Shan Wells from the Huffington Post pretty much sums up my thoughts on President Barack Obama at this precise moment:

The guy’s giving away the house that FDR built, and apparently he doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

One more cave, and he’ll either lose next year, or draw a primary challenge, in which case he’ll lose anyway. There’s only one solution, Mr. President. You must actually fight, actually hold your ground, actually not capitulate, and actually be a Progressive leader.

In other words, wake the fuck up.

As things stand now I’ll vote for President Obama, although I’d be holding my nose when I do so, because he’s not giving me many reasons to be enthused about his reelection.

Pardon my language, but is it too much to ask for a Democratic president with some balls?


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7 thoughts on “Wake the [censored] up

    1. No. He’ s a narcissistic opportunist with strong “preaching” skills (and remember, a lot of the charismatic revival tent preachers were cynical non-believers, they just had the shtick. And a LOT of people who were desperate to believe)
      But most importantly, he’s the biggest, best fake Democrat that ever ran.
      Hey Barry! Moles Anonymous, meets every at Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
      ” Hello…my name is Barack Obama….etc.

  1. I’m really sick of people blaming Obama for the problems conservatives are causing. How does having “balls” get him to 218 votes in the House? Which Republican representatives are going to flip because of Obama’s balls? Most of these people are more scared of Tea Party primary challenges than general elections. How are ostentatious displays of ballsiness by the Kenyan Socialist Muslim going to change their incentives in his favor?

    1. Greg, answer me one question.

      Where was President Obama with his comfortable shoes when Wisconsin’s public employees came under attack by Republicans?

      The fact is, when Wisconsin’s public employees needed the President of the United States to use his bully pulpit on their behalf, he did nothing.

      To be honest, I’m getting sick of people defending President Obama as if he’s just been a hapless victim in all of this.

    2. Most of these people are more scared of Tea Party primary challenges than general elections.

      Greg, I believe that answers your own question. Nobody’s afraid of the progressive proposals (which are very popular when polled), because there’s nobody with the balls to make them scared. Just compromise (as a starting position), more compromise (as a negotiating tactic), and more compromise (as a final solution).

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