What exactly is Alberta Darling hiding? Did she collude with right-wing groups to aid her electoral chances?

Alberta DarlingThe Democratic Party of Wisconsin has filed a complaint against Republican State Senator Alberta Darling (pictured, right) alleging that Sen. Darling has committed multiple felonies, including misconduct in office and tampering with public records and notices, not to mention violations of the state’s open records laws.

Also named as parties to the complaint are right-wing groups Americans For Prosperity, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Right to Life and the lobbying arm of for-profit education corporations, the so-called American Federation for Children.

According to the complaint, Sen. Darling has failed to comply with an open records request relating to any records (emails, schedules, etc.) her office may have in regards to communications she or her staff may have had with the groups listed above, and it’s worth noting that at least two of the groups listed – Americans For Prosperity and Wisconsin Right to Life – have engaged in electoral shenanigans, so it’s not entirely unrealistic to think there was some hanky-panky going on between Sen. Darling and her office and the groups named by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

If Sen. Darling didn’t have anything to hide, then what is she trying to hide by refusing to comply with an open records request?

You can read the entire complaint filed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin HERE.


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7 thoughts on “What exactly is Alberta Darling hiding? Did she collude with right-wing groups to aid her electoral chances?

  1. OK. For next time around, can we all agree that we expect squeeky clean compliance from our side so the TPers have nothing on ud?

  2. Every time Democrats get caught violating the rules they create a distracting fabrication that does not compare.

    For example, in Milwaukee you have Ribs for Votes. First off, isn’t that racist? Offering food, cash, any form of payment, to them take the person to vote is vote fraud. It’s no different that the smokes for votes scandal that got Democrats in trouble before. Notice a pattern here?

    On the other side, the outrage from Democrats is over Republicans giving out gift cards to volunteers helping REGISTER voters, not securing actual votes. There is a difference. I mean could you imagine how outraged the Democrats would be if the Republicans were to pay people to help GOTV like Democrats are?

    PS: Did you like the open records lawsuit against DA Ozanne where he had to eventually give up the records to Kyle Olsen? I found that amusing, after having his open meeting lawsuit overturned recently, for the DA to get spanked for an open records dispute. Heh.

    1. Mr B, so I’m sure that you’re as upset with Wisconsin Right to Life’s “gift cards for votes” as you are with ribs for votes.

  3. I find nothing substantive nor factual regarding “Ribs for Votes” other than a handful of right-wing sites claiming that Wisconsin Jobs Now! is sponsoring a “reward” for black people who vote. Right-wingers are incensed because black community leaders and activists are funding their own block parties, in which ribs are one of the foods served, for people who volunteer to help people vote—such as providing transportation for those unable to get to the polls on their own. Ridiculous. Of course the right-wingers are pissed: It’s community activism!

  4. Mr. B: “For example, in Milwaukee you have Ribs for Votes. First off, isn’t that racist? ”

    Look, Mr. B, I know the teabagger/wingnut contingent is sensitive on the subject of racism, but this particular defensive, out-of-nowhere, non-sequitor touching on the subject is just so sad.

    White people eat ribs, too, big guy. In fact, why just the other day, I saw a Japanese-American friend of mine eat one.

    If you’re that worried about racism (and I don’t think ya really are), why not make sure that there are no signs depicting President Obama as an African witch doctor at the next Tea Party rally you attend (or organize), huh?

  5. I was expecting to read about “6 Responses to what exactly is alberta darling hiding? did she collude with right-wing groups to aid her electoral chances?”

    Instead all I am reading about is Ribs?!

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