Wisconsin loses 12,500 private sector jobs in July….but remember, WI Republicans are all about job creation

According to numbers released by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin lost 12,500 private-sector jobs last month losses that effectively annul most of the previous month’s gains.

It’s worth noting that even as the nation’s unemployment rate improved to 9.1% in July from 9.2% in June, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate rose over the same period, from 7.6% unemployment to 7.8% unemployment. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate as of July is still higher than it was when Gov. Scott Walker was inaugurated in January 2011, when it stood at 7.4%.

While Gov. Walker was quick to take credit for the months jobs were created since he’s been inaugurated, he was equally quick to blame everyone else for July’s job losses, blaming “incredible uncertainty both at the federal level – in terms of the debt ceiling and all the tension of that, and the negative impact that had on the economy.” If Gov. Walker is going to take credit for job creation in Wisconsin, it’s only fair that he take the blame for job losses, so I blame Gov. Scott Walker and his job-killing agenda for the loss of 12,500 private sector jobs in Wisconsin in July.

Own it Scooter…..own it!


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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin loses 12,500 private sector jobs in July….but remember, WI Republicans are all about job creation

  1. Remember when people were saying that 9,000 of those jobs were mostly temporary jobs that were mostly for festivals and so on?

    See. I think that’s what actually happened, along with other private sector jobs up and collapsing due to the economic climate.

  2. Does this mean that Wisconsin is responsible for half of all jobs lost nationwide in July? It must! Weren’t we responsible for half of all jobs created nationwide in June?

    I just love WalkerMath.

  3. Seven hundred and fifty thousand jobs he promised. Five hundred and thirteen jobs for each and every day over the next four years. That’s what he promised.

    How’s that working out Scooter?

  4. When Scotty showed more jobs for Wisconsin, it was called a “miracle” on Fox News. But Scotty loses jobs and it’s..

    A….Due to the recalls
    B….Due to the recession

    Walker blamed both on different days so tomorrow he may have a new one.

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